Audi A1 – Eco Car

Despite being the smallest car on sale in the Audi range, the A1 lives up to its German manufacturer’s high standards. Sleek lines, sharp looks and the ability to dominate the small hatchback market, the Audi A1 exudes an aura, which simply wows the public. Quality materials, sweet handling and an upmarket look complete the package.

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Audi A1 – Car Tax Band

Being a small, fuel-efficient car, the Audi A1 manages to squeeze into car tax band B for the 1.6TDi turbo diesel and band C for the 1.6TFSi petrol engine. This is great news for Audi A1 buyers as it means there is little or no road tax to be paid in the first year.

Audi A1 – Fuel Emissions

With more stringent emissions testing and stricter ruling, Audi has stepped up to the mark and has managed to get the CO2 exhaust emissions down to 105g/km for the Audi A1 1.6TDi and 122g/km for the 1.4TFSi petrol engine. With figures as low as this, fuel emissions aren't a worry.

Audi A1 – Safety Features

Audi is a great pedigree for producing safe cars and the A1 is no different. Electronic stability control (ESP), anti-lock brakes (ABS) and front seat belt pre-tensioners are fitted as standard. Driver, passenger and side airbags feature also. Central door locking, an engine immobiliser and an alarm give peace of mind.

Audi A1 – Miles Per Gallon-Running Costs

Being a small, fuel-efficient car and managing 64.2mpg in the extra urban test, the Audi A1 is popular with those looking to save pennies. There is a three-year warranty (or 60,000 miles, whichever comes first), low insurance grouping and a good choice of engines, making this Audi model a cheap way to get around.

Audi A1 – Comfort

Audi has filtered its great history of making large, plush cars into the design of the A1. There is great leg and head room, figure-hugging seats and soft suspension which gives a exceptional ride. You would be hard pushed to realise you are in a small car when driving the A1.

Audi a1 - Eco Car - Green Car

Audi A1 – Family

As Audi is owned by the VAG group, which also makes VW and Lamborghini, the quality is second to none in this category of car. The Audi A1 sets the benchmark for other manufacturers to try and follow. If it’s one thing Audi gets right, it is the quality of fixtures and fittings, and most importantly, they look great too.

Audi A1 – Performance

For a 1.4 petrol engine (122bhp) having a 126mph top speed and a 0-62mph dash of 8.9 seconds for both manual and automatic cars, the Audi A1 is no slouch. The 1.6 diesel (105bhp) has a strong push from the off, but is a little slower, with 118mph its top speed and 10.5 seconds for its 0-62mph time.

Audi A1 – Inside Space

The Audi A1 is a short, chunky car from the outside but inside it’s spacious, airy and light. The boot has 270 litres of space, or 920 litres with the seats folded down, which is more than enough room for shopping, kids and a few adults. To summarise, it’s easy to park but you needn’t worry about not being able to haul everything around.

Audi A1 – Conclusion

Yet another forte for Audi, the handling of the A1 is one of the best in its class. Keen steering, pliant suspension and the ability to zip in and out of traffic make it a great all-rounder. Audi’s reputation is too great to have its smallest car disappoint the name, and the A1 thankfully doesn't cause any worry.

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