BMW 1 Series – Eco Car

BMW bravely entered the small car market with the 1 Series. This car has a unique design, with short overhangs but a long wheelbase. This adds to its quirky appeal and typically BMW handling, which is sublime. Safety, performance and practicality are high on the list when BMW designs a car, and the 1 Series is no different.

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BMW 1 Series – Car Tax

The BMW 1 Series petrol engine is in car tax band B, meaning there is no road tax to pay for the first year, and the diesel is in band E, which only commands a small annual charge.

BMW 1 Series - Emissions

The BMW 1 Series 1995cc petrol engine manages 118g/km of CO2 emissions and the M Sport 123d diesel engine manages 135g/km despite having the highest performance. This proves that BMW can create cars, which are fuel efficient and fairly green but still pack a market-leading performance punch.

BMW 1 Series - Safety

Dynamic stability control, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and airbags all round are standard. Front seat belt pre-tensioners are fitted, which adds to the protective nature of the BMW. With such good handling, the safety features are simply an added insurance.

BMW 1 Series – Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

Around town, the BMW 1 Series still manages 35mpg, which is good for a 1995cc engine. On the open road this figure climbs to 55.4mpg, meaning a full tank could get you from Edinburgh to London without stopping for fuel. Insurance group 11 and unlimited mileage three-year warranty are offered, too.

BMW 1 Series - Comfort

Having a long wheelbase means there is plenty of room to stretch out on a long drive or carry tall passengers. The detailing of the furnishings and seating is good; this car is one place where you will be happy to spend all day on a road trip.

BMW 1 Series – Finishing Touches

BMW produce high quality, no-fuss cars, and the 1 Series is no stranger to this ethos. Simple interior functionality and a quirky looking exterior almost put the 1 Series in a category of its own. The plastics and buttons inside have the same appeal as those of the larger, more expensive models.

BMW 1 Series - Eco Car - Green Car

BMW 1 Series - Performance

At the lowest end of the spectrum, the 116i Sport has 122bhp and a 1995cc petrol engine, whereas the sportiest model, the 123d M Sport diesel, has a whopping 204bhp. The former is a little sluggish, only barely dipping under 10 seconds for its 0-62mph sprint. The M Sport car manages the same sprint in 6.9 seconds. All of the models have six-speed gearboxes, which add to the sporty feel.

BMW 1 Series – Interior Space

Due to the unique design of the BMW 1 Series, the boot space is huge (330 litres), and positively gigantic (1,150 litres) with the seats are folded down. There is space for four adults, with exceptional headroom and legroom even in the back. The short overhangs make parking a cinch, too.

BMW 1 Series – Rear Wheel Drive

BMW has always made its cars rear-wheel drive. It allows the front wheels to do the turning and the rear wheels to push the car. This helps give a great feel around twisty roads and promotes confidence in the driver. As with all BMWs, the 1 Series offers suspension that is comfortable yet sporty.

BMW 1 Series - Conclusion

The BMW 1 Series can confidently be called an Eco Green car because it emits emissions of less than 130g/km Co2. The Eco Green ethos combined with the BMW styling and quality make it a smart choice when buying a small yet attractive car.

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