Chevrolet Spark – Eco Car

A renamed Daewoo Matiz from yesteryear, the Chevrolet Spark is a redesign which actually works. It looks great and has a Honda Jazz feel to it, and more importantly, it’s cheap. Prices start from £7,000 and won't pass £10,000 for all of the bells and whistles. However, the Spark is a disappointingly slow car, but then you don't buy a Spark for its performance statistics.

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Chevrolet Spark - Emissions & VED

Both engine variants dip under the 120g/km mark for emissions, meaning that annual car tax only comes to £30. Being in class C tax band is a great improvement on the old Matiz, but the Chevrolet Spark is not a market leader when it comes to fuel efficiency.

Chevrolet Spark - C02 Emissions

Only chugging out 120g/km makes the Chevrolet Spark a fairly green car, but there is room for improvement. With only 1.0 and 1.2 engines available in the range, the world isn't going to stop spinning with the amount of CO2 emitted.

Chevrolet Spark - Speed

Driver and passenger airbags give a sense of safety to the Spark. Traction control and anti-lock brakes also help the driver in times of need. Perhaps the biggest safety feature is the fact that the car is best suited to the city, and getting up to much speed is not really an option.

Chevrolet Spark - Miles Per Gallon (MPG) & Insurance

The 1.2 petrol engine manages 46mpg, while the 1.0 engine almost hits 50mpg. The insurance group is 5 for the larger engine and 3 for the smaller. This makes the Chevy Spark a cheap car to run. Visiting petrol stations will be a rare occurrence, which is a great way of saving pennies.

Chevrolet Spark - Eco Car - Green Car

Chevrolet Spark - Interior Space

The boot has a decent 170 litres of space, while the rear seats are adequate for adult passengers. It may be a little cramped for long journeys, but the Spark is not really one for motorway cruising. The suspension can be a little crashy over potholes and bumps.

Chevrolet Spark - Longevity

Those who are budget-minded shouldn't worry too much about the quality of the interior plastics. Yes, they are easily scratched and fairly brittle, but they look good. It is a car which is good for a few years, especially at the low book price, but not one to cherish for 10 years.

Chevrolet Spark - Speed

City cars do not really have performance in their dictionary. Both Spark engines are slow and can only muster up 12.1 seconds and 15.5 seconds respectively from 0-62mph. Both engines have a top speed of 101mph.

Chevrolet Spark - Performance

Carrying four adult passengers is doable but only for short distances. There is an okay amount of luggage space, and with the rear seats folded down, this space is enhanced slightly. The Chevrolet Spark is a city car, not a load lugger as such.

Chevrolet Spark - Conclusion

Anything below 50mph is a pleasure in the Chevrolet Spark. Anything above that speed and things start to become a little shaky. The steering is light, which makes parking easy, but on the open road it can cause the front end to wander slightly.

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