Citroen C-Zero – Eco Electric Car

Expected in late 2010, the Citroen C-Zero represents the next generation in zero-emissions motoring. The C-Zero expands the range of compact vehicles available from the French carmaker, combining efficient packaging and useful urban range with zero carbon emissions and zero noise. It is expected to retail at around £25,000.

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Citroen C-Zero – No Road Tax

As the Citroen C-Zero produces zero CO2 emissions and is a 100 per cent battery-powered Electric Car, it is exempt from road tax. The Citroen C-Zero is an all-electric vehicle. There is no combustion engine, no exhaust pipe and it does not use any fuel.

Citroen C-Zero – Safety Features

Despite being a compact urban runabout, the Citroen C-Zero comes with a range of advanced safety features. As standard, there are six airbags: driver and passenger airbags, plus side and curtain airbags. The front seats have three-point safety belts that include limiters. The rear seats come with isofix anchor points for child safety. A range of handling and braking technologies means the car is as safe going and stopping as possible.

Citroen C-Zero – Electric Charged Car

There is no road tax licence fee to pay, which saves owners money. As the Citroen C-Zero does not need petrol or diesel, or engine oil, filling it up is as easy as plugging it in. Partial charges have no damaging effects on the car’s batteries. This reduces the need to replace the battery pack in the future. A complete charge takes six hours and can be provided by any 220-volt electrical outlet.

Citroen C-Zero – Additional Features

The Citreon C-Zero is a small car, meaning it can get in and out of small urban spaces, but it is also designed for comfort. Because there is no engine, the C-Zero makes no noise, so you can enjoy driving in relative silence. Air-conditioning, electric windows and automatic headlights make driving hassle-free. The C-Zero is designed to offer as much internal space as Citroen’s larger C3.

Citroen C-Zero – City Car

Citroen has invested a lot of technological and design effort in producing a quality urban experience for owners of the Citroen C-Zero. The car is designed to provide a big-car experience in a small-car package that is ideal for drivers who want a green city car that does not skimp on quality.

Citroen C-Zero - Electric Car - Zero Emissions

Citroen C-Zero – Miles per Charge

On a full charge, the C-Zero should be good for a maximum range of 130-160kms, (80 to 100 Miles). Though it is designed for driving in the city, the car’s top speed of 130kph (80 miles per hour) means it is also happy on faster roads outside of town. Electric motors have an advantage over regular combustion engines - they have maximum ‘go’ from low speed, so the C-Zero should have little trouble keeping up with city traffic.

Citroen C-Zero – Specifications

The car is less than 3.5m long and turns around in only nine metres, so it is ideal for the cramped spaces of the inner city. Power steering helps make parking a cinch. There is plenty of room inside for four people and the boot holds up to 170 litres. Add in the fact that ‘filling up’ is as easy plugging in when you get home, and the C-Zero offers a truly practical and comfortable package. Being all-electric, there is virtually no dirty maintenance to worry about with the C-Zero.

Citroen C-Zero – Conclusion

The Citroen C-Zero is no sports car, of course. That is not its raison d'être. However, Citroen’s designers did manage to stuff the batteries under the floor, which improves stability and provides handling that is light and nimble whilst remaining stable. The car’s anti-lock breaking, traction control system, and electronic stability programme technologies contribute to safe and stable handling under all conditions.

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