Citroen C1 – Eco Car

Although labelled as the Citroen C1 by its French manufacturers, this car shares exactly the same underpinnings as the Toyota Aygo and the Peugoet 107. While that’s not a bad thing, there are a few distinctions between these cars. The Citroen is the cheapest of the three and some say it is the best looking, too. It sounds good already! The Citroen C1 can be purchased from £8,495.

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Citroen C1 – Car Tax Band (VED)

There are only two engine types available; the 1.4HDi diesel and the petrol-engine 1.0i, both of which have a B tax band rating, meaning they are tax exempt for the first year. Having a low tax band makes the C1 an ideal city car, particularly as today’s parking and congestion charges can be astronomical.

Citroen C1 – Co2 Emissions

Both engines are very frugal and clean for the environment. The 1.4 diesel doesn’t clatter as much previous engines and it boasts 109g/km while the petrol engine is slightly lower at 106g/km. Both engines offer a very low insurance group rating of 1E and 2E (the latter for the diesel and the VTR spec 1.0).

Citroen C1 – Safety Features

Being such a small car, there’s not much room for all of the safety features you would expect from a larger car. There are passenger and driver’s airbags, ABS anti-lock brakes and power steering. The main benefit of the C1 is the side impact protection beams which help massively in the event of an accident.

Citroen C1 – Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

It is difficult to find a cheaper, more economical car on sale in the UK today. The Citroen C1 manages a super frugal 63mpg on the open road and 51mpg around the city. As the car only weighs 800kgs, there's not much weight to move around. The tiny three-cylinder engine is a peach and revs up nicely but it doesn't waste fuel unnecessarily.

Citroen C1 – Four Seater

Being a super-mini and a city car, the Citreon C1 is made for two adults in the front and two children in the rear. Adults would struggle to get into the back although carrying two rear seated adults is possible for short journeys. The suspension can be a little firm at times, especially over potholes, but overall it has a pleasant ride.

Citroen C1 - Car Tax B - Low Co2 Emissions

Citroen C1 – Appearance

The interior is fun-looking and swoopy, but lacks class. For the price and size of a car like this, worrying about the quality of the plastic dashboard is not really on the agenda. The exterior looks great and will stay modern looking for many years to come.

Citroen C1 – Speed

A 1.0 engine is not going to be lightning fast, but the thrumming little 68bhp engine manages to sound keen and can reach 98mph, allegedly. Its 0-60mph time comes in at 13.7 seconds, but really anything over 50mph and everything gets a little shaky.

Citroen C1 – Roominess

The rear seats might be tiny, but there is an ample boot, making it perfect for shopping trips. There are cup holders, a good-sized glove box and with the rear seats folded down, there is surprisingly plenty of room.

Citroen C1 – A True City Car!

The little C1 has a keen turn-in and zips away from traffic lights easily. With such little weight, there is an eagerness to nip between traffic and zoom around town. On motorways, the engine can sound a little strained but for short journeys, such as city driving, the C1 really excels.

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