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As the environment becomes a highly politicised issue, with consumers increasingly aware of the effect that transport has on the planet and likely to spend their money accordingly, car manufacturers are racing to find affordable, environmentally friendly technology to tempt buyers to their door. Vauxhall’s latest addition to the debate is the new ecoFLEX range, offering plenty to entice corporate and personal consumers alike. Other car makes can be viewed here.

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Eco-Flex Economical Benefits

The economical benefits of ecoFLEX technology are likely to be very popular with consumers, but also have environmental benefits. The new ecoFLEX range is extremely fuel efficient, with the most efficient vehicle in the range, the Corsa ecoFLEX, giving you up to 80.7miles per gallon. Not only does this mean savings on the ever-increasing price of fuel, but it also translates into low CO2 emissions, in this case as low as 94g/km for the Corsa ecoFLEX.

Alternative Fuel Sources

Low CO2 emissions are also being achieved by using alternative fuel sources, and Vauxhall have not ignored this in their ecoFLEX range. The proposed Ampera model, an Extended Range Electric Vehicle (EREV), will use an electric motor when it is released to emit less that 40g/KM of CO2.

Eco-Flex Low Co2

However they are achieved, low CO2 emissions also mean savings in other areas. Models in the range that emit less that 100g/km per year fall into Band A for road tax, meaning that you will pay nothing based on 2010/11 tax rates. Even models emitting 120g/km mean that you still benefit from recent changes to road tax – vehicle owners will pay nothing in the first year of purchase and then just £20-£30 thereafter.

Car Business Tax

Business users should also consider the ecoFLEX range for maximum economical, environmentally friendly performance. Drivers using the Agila ecoFLEX as a company car will fall under one of the lowest BIK tax rates of just 10%, while other models are competitive with a tax rate of 13%. For more information on achieving savings on company car tax, go to our report. Fleet decision makers will be pleased to hear that ecoFLEX models qualify for the Capital Allowance regime, allowing you to offset 100% of your lease payments against taxable income.

Eco Flex Vauxhall

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact of the ecoFLEX range is not simply confined to post-purchase perks. Vauxhall have thought equally hard about the manufacturing process, with some great results. GM’s End of Life Vehicle Directive is committed to ensuring that when a car reaches the end of the road, as it were, as much of the vehicle is recycled as possible. All of the ecoFLEX range are at least 85% recyclable and 95% recoverable, with no more than 15% of the vehicle’s weight being sent to landfill. Since 2000, sites in the UK such as GMM Luton have radically reduced CO2 emissions, some by nearly 22%. GM in the UK also appears to be committed to bringing its usage of renewable energy in line with GM sites in the US.

By committing to changing the manufacturing process as well as the technology used in their vehicles, Vauxhall have ensured that the new ecoFLEX range can truly be considered environmentally friendly, from initial design to the point of sale and beyond.

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