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Lorenzo Sistono, the Managing Director of Fiat auto, introduced the ecoDrive at the Paris Motor Show in 2008. The ecoDrive is an innovative system developed by the Fiat Group in association with Microsoft. About 500,000 Fiat models across the globe now have the ecoDrive systems implemented. The ecoDrive is based on the versatile Blue&Me technology. The car driver is constantly informed about the car's performance and how their driving style influences the vehicle's efficiency and pollutant emission. To read our full reviews on the Fiat Green Car range, click here.

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EcoDrive Optimises Fuel and Performance

The EcoDrive range of vehicles optimises the fuel and performance of the car or van by measuring distance, time and the fuel consumption of the vehicles, and also shows the data for vehicles, either independently or in a group. The system automatically updates the database regularly with the management cost and the mileage count, to help with evaluation of the car's performance and its economy of fuel consumption. The ecoDrive software can be installed on any computer. The USB port in the front of the car is used to insert the ecoDrive device, which can be removed from the car and put in a computer for data analysis. The ecoDrive uses simple graphs and chats for data analysis.

EcoDrive Installation

The ecoDrive is installed using the Blue&Me USB port that stores and transmits data from the vehicle to the computer for analysis. The application keeps a record of driving parameters including acceleration, braking and average speed, and processes detailed information relating to the vehicle efficiency and driving characteristics.

EcoDrive Objective

The objective behind the detailed characterisation and data interpretation for driving is to calculate the efficiency of driving. The user can carefully analyse the consumption and emission per journey from the ecoIndex and can then alter driving habits in order to drive in a more eco-friendly manner to reduce environmental impact.

EcoDrive Tutorials

The ecoDrive system provides progressive tutorials to help the user improve efficiency by at least 15%, that means reduced CO2 emissions and annual savings in fuel. The system also alerts the driver when conditions are affecting the efficiency of the vehicle.

EcoDrive on Mac and PC's

The ecoDrive is based on AIR and is available cross platform for Mac's, Pc's or Linux. Microsoft supports the system behind Blue&Me.

EcoDrive Community - EcoVille

To facilitate the exchange of effective ideas an online community of ecoDrive users, called the Eco Ville has been created. It is an interesting portal where everyone can share their views.

Fiat Ecodrive

EcoDrive Awards

The ecoDrive system has won awards and accolades since its introduction. Most popular awards include the One Show interactive award in 2009, which was given to the developers of the AIR programme, AKQA London.

EcoDrive achieves great Fuel Economy

The ecoDrive system has simplified the complex fuel saving mechanics and is now spreading the knowledge about how one can simply achieve great economy in a car. This innovative product is designed to greatly improve the economy of vehicles and reduce CO2 emission.

EcoDrive for the Future

This technology is pointing our way forward towards a clean, "green" environment friendly car. This technical advancement gives a social and educational message of how to use technology in a way that harmonises the relationship with the environment.

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