Ford Fiesta – Eco Car

A stunning effort from Ford, the latest Fiesta further solidifies the (no longer so small) model’s rep as a superb and practical choice for the discerning motorist. Whether you’re seeking a mild performance hatchback or just something frugal and fun, the Fiesta offers a range of engine choices and equipment options to suit. Ford Fiesta’s are available from £9,995.

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Ford Fiesta – Car Tax Bands

A good range of engines is available for the Fiesta, with corresponding variation in purchase prices and running costs. Some of the bigger engines will land you in the E band, with other options in Car Tax Band B and C. All Fiesta options put the tax at the lower end of the range. The upcoming ECOnetic will be in the Car Tax A bracket which is untaxed with now showroom tax to boot.

Ford Fiesta – Co2 Emissions and MPG

Even Fiestas with bigger engines offer relatively clean motoring, rated at a maximum 134g/km of CO2. The ECOnetic model should produce just 98g/km, meaning it offers the potential for outstanding economy and green motoring in a fun and practical package. The 1.4 and 1.6 TDci models emit 107 g/km of Co2 and perform an amazing 68.9 miles to the gallon on the combined cycle, 61.4 urban and a maximum of 76.4mpg. The less economic 1.25 Studio 3dr version still packs a competitive punch with 51.4 miles to the gallon combined and 127 co2 g/km.

Though the Ford Fiesta has grown in girth over the many years it has been in production, economy has also expanded. Even models with higher performance engines enjoy excellent fuel economy, and the ECOnetic will be hard to beat when it comes to fuel mileage and tax. Insurance costs start at the lowest Insurance band 1.

Ford Fiesta – Safety Features

The Ford Fiesta provides an excellent combination of active and passive safety features. Comprehensive air bag protection comes as standard, including a knee air bag for the driver. A range of technologies offers improved safety in the rain and dark, as well as increased security against theft.

Ford Fiesta – Space

The Fiesta’s increased size and superb design combine to give it the feel of a larger car. Low noise and a comfortable ride strengthen the big car effect. Passenger space is lacking in the rear of the car, however, and the design of the boot is a bit awkward compared to some rivals. The boot space is 295 litres.

The Fiesta enjoys an impressive feel of quality. Some interior fittings are clearly not up to Audi or BMW standards but then again, neither is the price. A new level of solidity and refinement, allied to great performance and polished manners contributes to a real air of quality that should challenge antiquated notions about cheap Fords.

Ford Fiesta – On Road Performance

All of the Fiestas enjoy fine on-road performance, with even the most frugal and ecologically sound engines enjoying decent levels of pep. All of the Fiesta engines are smooth and free of harshness. The chassis on standard cars offers excellent handling as well as a supple ride. Wind noise is very well controlled at speed.

Ford Fiesta - Low Car Tax - 107 Co2 Emissions

Ford Fiesta – Reliability

All Fiestas offer excellent packaging, apart from a slight lack of knee room in the rear. Low running costs, excellent fuel economy and superb manners make the Fiesta easy to live with. If the Fiesta’s history of reliability holds up, this car should be a good long-term bet. Notwithstanding Ford’s excellent reputation the fiesta has wan many awards and accolades to validate it’s claim of excellence. For example the Friends in the North crowned the ford fiesta the Northern car of the year. In 2009 the Fiesta was crowned Auto Express Car of the year and “What Car”, Car of the year.

Ford Fiesta – Conclusion

Cheap, economical, comfortable and fun is a hard combination to find but the Fiesta delivers in spades. The ‘performance’ models offer tight handling that can be extra fun in the right mood but it can make for a tiring ride over bumpy surfaces. The standard models offer an excellent mix of entertaining and confident handling that never fails to impress.

The future ECOnetic model will even be optimising it’s Green Car ethos by being fitted with recycled denim and reclaimed upholstery for noise insulation. The ECOnetic low rolling resistant tyres will bring even better miles to the gallon by optimising driving efficiency.

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