Ford KA – Eco Car

The latest version of Ford’s legendary KA hatchback fails to hit the stellar heights of its predecessor. Though it’s far from being a bad car and is better than the last version in some respects, the newest Ford KA costs too much and faces too much competition from superior (and cheaper) alternatives. The Ford KA is available from £8,545 but second hand models are obviously cheaper.

Ford Ka - Eco Car

Ford KA – Car Tax Band

Especially with smaller cars intended to keep motoring costs down, the car tax band is an important consideration if you want to avoid high annual taxes. Falling into the B or C tax band, the KA enjoys relatively low tax.

Ford KA – Co2 Emissions

Vehicle emissions are increasingly important, both for the environment and for the cost of driving, as taxation and other levies are often based on the level of CO2 produced by your car. The 1.3 Tdci Titanium 3dr model has Co2 emissions of 109 g/km, (Car Tax B). The 1.2 petrol model KA produces a pretty low 115g/km, making it a solid option in this respect.

Ford KA – Safety Features

On the inside, the KA comes with standard driver and front passenger air bags, but you’ll have to spend extra to get full air bag protection. The KA comes with a number of nice safety touches, such as automatic hazard warning lights and a tyre mobility kit that reduces the danger and inconvenience of punctures. Safety avoidance is enhanced with technology to help avoid skids and other losses of control when driving.

Ford Ka - 1.7 g/km - 76 MPG

Ford KA – Insurance Group

The KA should do a good job of keeping running costs down. In addition to the low tax band, the KA slots into insurance group 3E, which should help minimise the price of insurance.

Ford KA – Miles Per Gallon

The KA’s different engines get excellent economy, with some capable of beating 60mpg, further helping to make this a good budget motoring choice. The 1.2 Studio 3dr offers a combined MPG of 57.6, Urban 48.7 and a possible 64.2 miles to the gallon. However the extremely efficient 1.3Tdci Titanium model, (diesel) can provide 76.4 miles to the gallon and an average of 68.9mpg.

Ford KA - Interior

The Ford KA has a pretty good ride but it can get a bit choppy and lacks the finesse of both the previous KA and many competitors. Some engines can get noisy when pushed. Interior packaging is good, with space for four people, but not exceptional. Despite some quibbles, the KA still makes a comfortable car for getting around town.

Ford KA – Sibling to the Fiat 500

In terms of fit and finish, as well as design, the new KA is noticeably better than the car it replaces. Ford has updated the interior materials to provide more of a quality feel. The Ford Ka can feel a bit of a letdown, however, as it shares many parts from its development sibling, the Fiat 500, while lacking that car’s charm.

Ford KA - Performance

No Ford KA is going to set the performance tables alight and some of the engines can sound a bit strained or noisy. On the other hand, the KA always feels willing in town and despite the frugality of the engines, it never feels slow when on motorways. Bear in mind this is primarily a city car, and a pretty fine one at that, and you are unlikely to be disappointed. The use of space in the KA is good but not brilliant. The fluid feel in town, the low running costs and the easy parking mean the KA is one of the more practical choices in this market segment.

Ford KA - Conclusion

Given the fun of the previous KA and the fact that Ford designed the new KA on the same platform as the Fiat 500, you might expect more verve from the handling. The new KA is superior to the Fiat in some respects but overall, it lacks both the sparkling chuck ability of the previous KA and the zest of the Fiat 500. The KA’s handling is never downright bad. In fact, it can be very good, but compared to the old KA, it’s a bit flat. A full Green Car List is available here.

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