More Green driving tips

As well as slowing down, sticking to the speed limit and driving responsibly there are even more Green Driving Tips you can implement to ensure your fuel costs are reduced.

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Try to maintain a steady pace

This tip is especially good for drivers who cover long distances and need something to relieve the monotony. Trying to maintain the same speed without touching the brakes or the accelerator initially takes quite a lot focus but as long as you observe the two key steps above, you should soon find steady-pace cruising becomes second nature.

You can even turn it into a personal challenge. See how long you can travel on the motorway without touching the brakes. By properly focusing on traffic ahead and leaving plenty of space, you should soon be able to modulate your pace just by slightly altering the pressure on the accelerator.

Green Driving Tips

Don't just jump in and blast off

The combustion engines in cars work best within an optimum temperature range. If they get too hot, they tend to break down, often with dramatic amounts of steam pouring out from under the bonnet.

On the other hand, cold engines don't work very efficiently, either. Just think how you feel when you first wake up on a cold morning.

The lubricants in the engine, transmission and axles need to warm up a bit so the fluid can move freely and ensure all metal surfaces are properly coated. This reduces friction that can sap power, burn more fuel and even damage mechanical components.

Don't sit at the kerb simply revving the engine for 10 minutes, however. You only need to wait a couple of minutes and then you can drive off but do it gently at first, as the gearbox or automatic transmission and other parts of the drive train will take a few miles to wake up properly.

So, make it a practice to let your car gently warm up for a few minutes before pulling off. Your car will thank you, the planet will thank you and your wallet will thank you, too.

Green driving tips

Even More Green driving tips

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