Green Car Insurance

Car Insurance is based on your vehicle driving history such as your no claims discount or whether or not you have any points on your licence, your age, where you live and the type of vehicle you drive. Greener cars such as electric, hybrid or low emission city cars do fall into a lower insurance group bands but is not the only factor when Car Insurance companies calculate a quote.

Green Car Insurance

Smaller Cars cost less

If you are driving a Land Rover Discovery you are highly likely going to pay more for your Car Insurance than if you chose to drive a small 1.1 Kia Picanto. Its common sense. RAC Insurance finds you the best price from their approved insurers.

Greener Cars are Cheaper

Greener cars naturally are less powerful and as such fall into the lower Insurance Group Categories. However all other factors used to estimate an insurance quote are irrespective of what type of vehicle you drive.

Driving History

When getting a quote for your car insurance you may find that having a greener car doesn’t make that much difference. This may be because you have 9 points on your licence and so will automatically incur a higher insurance premium. If you haven’t any No Claims Discount (NCB) then you are also less likely to receive a lower insurance quote for driving a Greener Car.

Age of Driver

If you have just turned 17 and are driving a Toyota Prius you will still incur a large insurance premium merely because of your age. If you are a 17 year old male your insurance quote will be one of the highest quotes provided by insurance companies today.

Environment First

At the end of the day the lower the Co2 emissions of your car the better it is for the environment. Environmentally Friendly Company doesn’t equal lower Insurance Premiums. All businesses have a requirement to be more environmentally friendly, whether that be, by having paperless offices or recycling initiatives or even attempting to be co2 neutral. However this will not affect the type of insurance quote you may be provided with.

Compare Auto Quotes

For the best insurance quote you need to compare a variety of insurance companies. RAC do this work for you and are a well-known company that has been established for over 100 years. They also have extremely good deals if you wish to combine Car Insurance with Breakdown cover.

Use a trusted Company

Use a company that is regulated by the Financial Services Authority. Use a company that you trust and are well known such as RAC. To get a quote for your car visit the main RAC Insurance website.

Average Cost with RAC

Did you know that RAC car insurance is from as little as £177 for the year. You could also add Car Insurance PLUS, which comes with a whole host of additional benefits, such as Car Key or Car Seat insurance cover.

Whatever insurance premium you decide on make sure you are fully covered for what you require, are aware of all the Terms and Conditions and are able to afford whatever yearly or monthly fee that your Car Insurance will cost. Remember RAC Insurance finds you the best price from their approved insurers.

Green Car Insurance
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