Honda Civic – Hybrid Car

For a hybrid car, the Honda Civic is a good-looking saloon which although expensive to buy, its running costs are extremely low. It is a large car, but one that is sleekly designed, oozes class and is a real treat for the electric car world. The Honda Civic Hybrid is available from £18,975 on the road.

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Honda Civic – Car Tax Band (VED)

As the Honda Civic Hybryd still has a petrol engine, albeit a small 1.4l, owners of this model are still required to pay road tax. It falls in the class B tax band and is in insurance group 7E, meaning for such a large car, it is quite cheap to run. Car Tax B is currently only £20 for the year with no showroom tax.

Honda Civic – C02 Emissions

Only 109g/km of CO2 is emitted, which is next to nothing compared to other cars of this size. The petrol engine is as frugal and environmentally friendly as possible ― a testament to Honda's ingenuity and engine design.

Honda Civic – Safety

In the Honda Civic Hybrid there is power steering, ABS (anti-lock braking system), pre-tensioner seat belts, crash protection door bars and driver and passenger airbags. There are curtain airbags which protect the neck during a side impact. It's safe to say that the Honda Civic Hybrid is well-equipped in the event of an accident.

Honda Civic – Miles Per Gallon

When driving using the electric motor, the running costs are next to nothing. Only when the engine kicks in does the car manage a combined 61.4mpg, which in itself is exceptionally frugal. Being in such a low insurance group, it is an affordable vehicle to put on the road for most people.

Honda Civic – Comfort

The Honda Civic Hybrid is a comfortable car. From the pliant suspension to the soft seats, it really is a pleasant place to spend time driving around town or out on the road. With dual climate control, both driver and passenger can adjust the temperature surrounding them, adding to the comfort level.

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Honda Civic – Quality Materials

Honda has been dishing out quality cars for years, and the Civic Hybrid is no different. The depth of the metallic paintwork is incredible and the plastics inside are well-made and wouldn't look out of place on a car worth five-times the price. Honda likes its buyers to keep buying more Hondas, and that level of commitment is shown in the quality of the materials used.

Honda Civic – Performance

Using Honda's infamous V-Tec technology of variable-valve timing, the petrol engine is smooth yet powerful despite its small size. The electric motor gives the petrol engine an added boost when its needed, bringing in a 0-60mph time of 12.1 seconds and a top speed of 115mph.

The Honda Civic Hybrid is keen to turn and accelerate. The electric motor gives an extra edge over other hybrid cars and works in unison with the petrol engine. This makes it feel quite sporty, and it is comfortable with sprightly driving.

Honda Civic – Interior Space

The car is quite large but it doesn't feel like it to drive. With the rear seats down, there is a huge amount of space for luggage and shopping. Four adults can easily fit in, five at a push for small distances, and those who are over six feet tall have plenty of legroom in the back.

Honda Civic – Conclusion

The Honda Civic Hybrid competes with the very successful Toyota Prius in the family car hybrid range. The comfort, economy and purchase price make it a good choice when wanting a larger, economical car. To view more Green Car Reviews, click here.

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