How to Charge Your Electric Car

Although sales of electric cars dropped in 2010, their overall popularity in recent years has led to a need for more places to charge them up. In London, there are increasingly more 'pods' which allow you to park, if you can find a spot, and charge up your electric vehicle while you go about your daily routine. A full UK List of Electric Cars is available here.

Electric Cars

Charging Points Introduced around UK

These recharging points for electric vehicles are slowly being introduced around the UK and Ireland, but as there is even more incentive to own an electric car in London the majority of power points are found within the Congestion Charge perimeter. Surprisingly, many charging points are free although there are schemes which allow a subscription to certain points and in some cases free parking is permitted.

Simply Plug-In Car

It's simple to recharge your Electric Car. You simply unhook your recharging cord from the car and plug it into the charging post. In some cases there are cords from the charging post that you plug into your car, although it depends on which electric vehicle you have. There are different outputs, whether you want a fast charge or slow charge, and the pod shows the output or consumption of electricity.

Wireless Connections

As technology develops, new companies are being introduced, such as the Pod Point, which has incorporated a swipe card into the pod. This allows you to wirelessly connect to the pod to see when your car is fully recharged. You simply log into your online account and it will show the amount of electricity that has been used.

Costs from 2p a Mile

If you drive around in a full electric car rather than a hybrid, then you will never have to visit a petrol station again. There are charging points cropping up all over the UK now and even if there isn't one near you, simply find a three-point socket and plug it in. You may not get the full diagnostic display, unless your car has this, but after a few hours you will be able to use the car again. In many cases, recharging an electric car can be the equivalent of 2p a mile.

Charging Points at Supermarkets

Other areas which have Electric Car charging points include supermarkets. Major shopping centres now feature some parking bays which have an electric socket to charge your car while you head off on a spending spree. There may be a surcharge or a fee for this service.

APT Charging post at home

Another way to charge your electric car is to have an APT charging post installed on your driveway or in your garage. It has the capability of charging two cars at the same time and automatically runs on cheaper, overnight electricity when possible. There is a fast charge that allows up to 80% of battery capacity in as little as two hours, or an overnight trickle charge to 100% using low tariff electricity prices.

Electric Cars

If you're looking at buying an electric car, check out the recharging points online to see which ones would be suitable for you.

A full UK List Electric Cars is available here.

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