Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars are often referred to as dual-fuel cars. A few makes of lorries, buses and tractors also exist with this kind of power system. Hybrid cars use a combined internal combustion engine with a separate electrically powered propulsion system. The presence of the electric motor is to reduce conventional fuel consumption with the added benefit of a reduction in harmful emissions. A list of Green Cars including Hybrid Cars can be viewed here.

Toyota Prius

Duel Energy

Some hybrids will spend more time in electric mode. When very high power is needed, both the modes, electric and conventional engine mode are combined to achieve the highest efficiency. The separate electric propulsion system within hybrid engines negates the requirement to charge the vehicle. It is charged automatically.

Plug in Hybrid Cars, (PHEV)

Hybrid cars can be further categorised as Plug-in hybrid electrical vehicles (PHEV) and Fuel cell-electric hybrid. The PHEV is usually a common fuel-electric hybrid with improved energy storage capacity (usually Li-ion batteries).

Fuel Cell-Electric Hybrid

A Fuel Cell-Electric Hybrid vehicle has two-power sources, a fuel cell and electric batteries. When the electric batteries have discharged the fuel cells can use hydrogen as the fuel source to power the engine. These cars can run up to twice as long as fuel-powered counterparts, meaning that you can save on fuel costs. The battery powered motor and the internal combustion engine produces much less CO2, as there is no emission during the running of the electric motor.

Hybrid – Duel Fuel

In conclusion Hybrid Cars use more than one type of fuel; either petrol/diesel and an internal electric charging mechanism, or petrol/diesel and a plug in power supply or thirdly an electric source and a fuel cell.

Toyota Prius

Hybrid Future

Car companies are now investing a great deal of money in researching the electric, hybrid and ethanol-powered cars. This indicates that they are the future and will be providing us with a cleaner, healthier and a “greener” alternative to the present day petrol and diesel engine vehicles. For more information on Hybrid and Greener Cars, click here.

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