Hyundai iX20 – Eco Car

Practicality and economy are the major aims of the Hyundai iX20, with the car managing to excel in both areas. While it may not win any beauty contests, it will be easy on your bank account as it is fairly cheap to buy (£11,595 - £12,995 ONR). Running costs are extremely frugal, meaning more money in your pocket.

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Hyundai iX20 – Car Tax

The Hyundai iX20 1.4 CRDi 90PS 6 Speed Manual with 114 g/km of CO2 falls into the low tax band C, meaning it is cheap to keep on the road each year. Car Tax Band C is only £30 a year with no showroom tax.

Hyundai iX20 – Vehicle Emissions (CO2)

Surprisingly for a small engine car, the iX20 has a fairly high CO2 ratings for its class, with 130g/km being emitted from the 1.4 Petrol 5 speed manual option. The lowest CO2 producing car is the 1.4 CRDi model mentioned above with only 114 g/km of CO2. Cars that do damage to the environment will no doubt be penalised further in the future so this isn’t good news for drivers. While 130g/km isn’t too bad emission-wise, it isn’t great when compared to its competitors.

Hyundai iX20 – Safety

Hyundai is well-known for providing safe cars and the little iX20 is no different. There are driver and front passenger airbags, side impact protection beams, anti-lock brakes (ABS) and power steering. There is also traction control, which will help prevent accidents.

Hyundai iX20 – Insurance Band

One of the iX20's defining features is that it's cheap to run. It falls into insurance group 9P for the petrol engine and 10P for the diesel, which should be affordable for most people.

Hyundai iX20 – Miles Per Gallon

The petrol engine (1.4) squeezes 55.4 miles to the gallon at most with the urban fuel consumption a mere 42.8 mpg. The lower CO2 diesel version manages an astonishing 65.7mpg combined and as much as 67.3 miles to the gallon Extra urban. The high miles to the gallon will mean you'll rarely have to fill up.

Hyundai iX20 - Eco Car - Eco Car

Hyundai iX20 – Comfort

The comfort levels aren't the best. The seats are quite flat and don't support passengers well. The suspension is harsh and rough over bumps and pot holes, but that is to be expected in a small car. Overall, it's easy to put the ride comfort to the back of your mind.

Hyundai iX20 – 7 year corrosion guarantee

Hyundai has come on in leaps and bounds since its poor cars from the 1990s, and the level of trim and the quality of materials used are as good as those of any other small Asian car manufacturer such as Kia, for example. There is also a seven-year corrosion guarantee on all new Hyundais, which is nice to know.

Hyundai iX20 – Speed

Both the 1.6 petrol engine and the 1.4 diesel engine that propel the iX20 are fairly slow, but they are designed more for frugality rather than all-out pace. The 0-60mph time comes up in 12.9 seconds and the car can go on to reach 112mph.

Hyundai iX20 – Comclusion

The Hyundai iX20 is a small but surprisingly spacious car and fairly tall too, so six foot-plus passengers can fit in quite easily. There is a good-sized boot, perfect for the weekly groceries, and still plenty of space for passengers in the rear seats. Four adults can easily ride around in the Hyundai without any hassle.

Hyundai isn't well-known for its handling capabilities and the iX20 is no different. It can feel a little disjointed on turn-in and suffers from understeer quite easily. When braking hard from high speeds, it can feel a little skittish and the rear end can wander slightly, but that is true for many small, front-wheel drive cars due to the lack of any weight over the rear wheels.

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