Kia Cee'd – Eco Car

Especially in five-door hatchback form, the Kia Cee’d is an astonishingly good eco car from a make nobody expects to be able to challenge, let alone surpass cars from European brands. The Kia Cee’d is available from £11,708 ONR in Diesel, Petrol, 3 or 5 doors, automatic or manual.

Kia Cee'd - Eco Family Car

Kia Cee'd – 7 Year Warranty

It has a great ride, excellent build quality, is hugely practical, and offers both low running costs and a transferable seven-year warranty. Too many shoppers are put off by the badge’s lack of cachet, however.

Kia Cee'd – Car Tax Band (VED)

The rather complex range of engine and gearbox options available for the Cee’d can make it hard to get things right in terms of car tax, which ranges from an excellent B to a painful G. The 1.6 diesel offers perhaps the best combination of power, fuel economy and cheap car tax. Specifically the 1.6 CRDi Cee’d 2 EcoDynamics (89bhp) model falls into category B Car Tax. The other CRDi models fall into category C. Petrol models are less economical and are in the higher Car Tax bands. Band B and C Car Tax are free for the first year and £20 to £30 a year thereafter.

Kia Cee'd – C02 Emissions

Avoid the automatic transmission in the Cee’d, or you’ll end up paying the price of both fuel consumption and high emissions. The smaller diesel 1.6 CRDi engines produce CO2 emissions between 110g/km and 119g/km.

Kia Cee'd – Safety Features

No matter which version you choose, the Kia Cee’d comes with a complete set of safety features. This includes twin front airbags, side airbags in front and full-length curtain airbags. An alarm and immobiliser as well as speed-sending door locks are also included.

Kia Cee'd - Eco Family Car

Kia Cee'd – Fuel Economy

With excellent build quality and a seven-year warranty that can be transferred to future owners, Cee’d owners should not need to worry about reliability. Fuel economy ranges from just under 50mpg to more than 60mpg. Depending on the model, car tax is very low and the Cee’d sits in very low insurance groups. The most economic being the 1.6 CRDi Cee’d 2 EcoDynamics' (89bhp) model which has a combined MPG of 67.3.

Kia Cee'd – Space

The ride is at least as good as that offered by many European rivals. It may even be better. Interior space is excellent, especially as a five-door hatchback, though five large passengers might be a bit of a squeeze. The diesel engines can be noisy at idle, however.

Though the car’s boot is slightly smaller than the best-package rivals from Europe, the Cee’d, especially in five-door hatchback configuration, offers outstanding practicality. Interior space is superb, equipment levels are excellent, the car is easy to drive and running costs are low.

Build quality on the Cee’d is hugely improved over that seen on previous models from Kia. Panel fit and finish is excellent. The Cee’d operates in a manner that testifies to quality engineering, too. The seven-year warranty underlines the overall feel of quality exuded by the Cee’d.

Kia Cee'd – Performance

Depending on the choice of engine, performance ranges from passable to very good. The smaller 1.4-litre petrol engines feel stronger than the output figures might suggest. The 113bhp 1.6 diesel offers the best mix of performance and usability. As with most small cars, the automatic transmission can really dull performance. The CRDi models reach 60mph between 11 and 13.5 seconds compared to the slightly faster 1.4 petrol that reaches 60mpg in 10.4 seconds. Top speed varies only slightly between models from 107 miles per hour (EcoDynamics model) to 119 (1.4 petrol).

Kia Cee'd – Conclusion

Ultimately, the five-door hatchback Kia Cee'd may not challenge the best European rivals for that last degree of handling precision and finesse but this is still a fun car that rides well and is easy to drive, especially in town. Only the worst road surface is likely to unsettle this car’s chassis.

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