Kia Rio – Eco Car

The Kio Rio is branded as a medium-sized family car. It has some huge competition but is promoted as a cheap, cheerful and reliable car. The seven-year warranty on all Kia’s is a defining feature for many families choosing a car of this calibre. It isn’t the prettiest car in its class, but it is financially one of the best. The Kia Rio Petrol is available from £7,659 and the cheapest Diesel model costs upwards of £8,000.

Kia Rio - Eco Family Car

Kia Rio – Car Tax Band (VED)

The 1.4 petrol engine comes in at tax band E and the diesel (1.5 Crdi 1 5 door) at tax band C. With the diesel engine being much more frugal, quieter (surprisingly) and only costing slightly more to buy, it is the one to choose. Car Tax Band C is free for the first year and £30 a year thereafter.

Kia Rio – C02 Emissions

The diesel engine (1.5d) is incredible; it’s just as fast as the petrol engine (108 mph) yet is gets more miles per gallon and only churns out 119g/km of CO2. For a large car, that is an achievement, which Kia should be proud of! The petrol engine is slightly worse and pumps out 139g/km of CO2. The Eco choice is the diesel engine.

Kia Rio – Safety Features

As the Kio Rio has huge competitors, such as Audi and BMW, the safety features have to be top notch. There is power steering, airbags (driver and passenger), pre-tensioner seat belts, side impact door bars and active crumple zones. Put simply, it would be a safe car in an accident.

Kia Rio – Miles Per Gallon

If running costs are your main concern, the diesel is the engine of choice. It manages to reach 68.9mpg (urban cycle) although this places it into group 4 insurance. The petrol engine (1.4 litre) manages up to 55.4, (47.9mpg combined), and is also in insurance group 4. The fuel tank has a capacity of 45 litres.

Kia Rio - Eco Family Car

Kia Rio – 7 Year Warranty

With a cheap list price, an excellent diesel power plant and a long warranty, something has to give. The comfort of the seats and ride are fairly poor, but as a passenger vehicle in this price range it possible to live with these flaws. This is one of the longest vehicle warranty’s available in todays market.

Kia Rio – Great Family Car

For a family car around the £10,000 mark, the quality is something which was not high priority when the Kia Rio was being designed. The mechanical parts are strong and long-lasting, but the interior plastics and seating are poor and relatively uncomfortable.

Kia Rio – Speed

Both engines hit 0-60mph in 12 seconds. They both manage 108mph as a top speed therefore they aren’t they most performance-focused of engines but they can keep up with the flotsam and jetsam of everyday driving.

Kia Rio – Spaciousness

Another great part of Kia’s design is the spaciousness. There is 270 litres of space in the rear before the rear seats are folded down, and that is enough for most people. The cavernous interior reaches up to 700 litres of space with the seats folded down, making it tremendously practical.

Kia Rio – Conclusion

The Kia Rio is based on economical driving and cruising up and down the country. The performance figures aren’t going to worry the likes of BMW or Audi, and the handling is equally as nondescript. The suspension is geared around absorbing potholes, not high-speed cornering. All in all the Diesel is the eco choice both for the high miles to the gallon and the 7 year full manufacturer warranty.

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