Mazda 2 – Eco Car

The Mazda 2 is a cute, fun, well-made and capable supermini but it lacks the some of the overt style offered by the likes of the Fiat 500 and the ultimate panache of its cousin, the Ford Fiesta.

The Mazda2 is, however, very well made and enjoys a vitality of operation and design that owners grow to love. There are good reasons Mazda drivers are so dedicated to the marquee. The upgraded Mazda 2 is quoted as no ordinary supermini. The Mazda 2 is a perfect city car available from just under £10,000 on the road.

Mazda 2 Mazda2 Eco Car

Mazda 2 –Car Tax Band

The range of engines available in the Mazda 2 put the car in a broad range of car tax bands upwards of band B. The Mazda2 1.6 5dr Sport Diesel falls into Car Tax B, while others fall into Band C or higher. The Mazda 2 is sold as a sporty car and though the smaller engines are fun, to get that truly sporty feel, you’ll have to opt for an engine that pumps out more emissions and puts it in a higher car tax band.

Mazda 2 –Co2 Emissions

The smaller petrol engines are excellent in terms of emissions, producing just 119g/km of CO2. For maximum fun, however, you need the 1.5 Sport, which generates 135g/km. The Activematic transmission pumps this up to almost 150g/km. The lowest Co2 emitting model is the Mazda2 1.6 Sport Diesel which emits just 110 g/km of Co2.

Mazda 2 –Miles Per Gallon

Depending on which Mazda2 you purchase you should expect to achieve between 55 and 67.3 miles to the gallon combined.

Mazda 2 –Safety

Despite weighing a lot less than previous versions, the latest Mazda 2 still gets a five-star safety rating from NCAP. The car comes with six airbags. The Mazda Advanced Impact Distribution and Absorption System, or MAIDAS, is engineered to minimise the effects of a collision of occupants. A range of technologies boosts grip and braking security.

Mazda 2 – Low Running Costs

Despite the Mazda 2’s status as a super fun supermini, it still offers low running costs. Fuel economy is excellent and most models enjoy very low tax. Insurance costs should also be low, ranging from 9E to 16E. Mazdas are known for legendary built quality, so maintenance costs should not be a problem.

Mazda 2 Mazda2 Eco Car

Mazda 2 – Comfort

The Mazda 2’s taut handling is founded on a ride that is slightly firm but it generally remains quite comfortable. The engines, though fun, can be a little unrefined and noisy. There is a surprising amount of space inside the cabin but this is not a big car, so don’t expect it to be a top motorway cruiser or to carry five adults in comfort.

Despite being a supermini, the Mazd2 has 250 litres of space in the boot. With the back seats down, this rises to 787 litres. Add in the fun driving experience, the low insurance costs, the great fuel economy and the supreme reliability as well as the solid residual values, and the Mazda 2 makes a highly practical proposition.

Mazda built quality and reliability are legendary, and the Mazda 2 should do nothing to dispel this reputation. Some interior materials feel a little less luxurious than would be ideal but they should wear very well. The quality feel extends through the cabin and handling though the engines lack the ultimate refinement of the best European rivals.

Mazda 2 –Performance

All of the engines available in the Mazda 2 offer a level of pep and power expected at this price level. The levels of performance are generally in keeping with the car’s character, giving the Mazda 2 a grown-up hot-hatch feel without any loutishness. Top speed ranges from between 104 and 115 miles per hour with acceleration to 62mpg taking between 10.7 and 14.9 seconds.

Mazda 2 – Conclusion

The Mazda 2 enjoys fun, surefooted handling. The taut chassis ensures good body control and great chuckability that only starts to lose its composure over the worst surfaces. Despite increased body stiffness and solidity, the latest version of the Mazda 2 has lost a huge amount of weight, making the car tremendous fun.

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