Mercedes A Class – Eco Car

With their reputation as manufacturers of some of the most luxurious and technologically-advanced cars in the world, Mercedes-Benz decided to cover all aspects of vehicle needs when it built its very own supermini. The Mercedes A-Class is the brand's smallest car, yet it has all the aspects of a plush, luxury cruiser as seen in the larger models. The Mercedes A-Class has won quite a few awards for it’s environmentally friendly ethos. The most economically friendly A Class models are within the Blue Efficiency range. Prices vary from £13,500 and above.

Mercedes A Class

Mercedes A Class – Car Tax Band (VED)

Both the petrol and diesel engine variants in the A-Class range fall into tax band C to G. This is a lot higher than other cars in its class, but you have to pay for the luxury of driving a Mercedes. It's a strange banding for the little 'Merc' because it is fairly frugal and isn't huge but it gets taxed pretty hard. The most economically friendly model is the Mercedes A Class 160 CDI Blue Efficiency classic SE which costs from £14,500 ONR and falls into Car Tax Band C.

Mercedes A Class – C02 Emissions

The Mercedes A Class is reasonably eco-friendly, coming in at just 139g/km of CO2 for the petrol engine and slightly lower for the diesel (116g/km of CO2). However despite the less than competitive CO2 emissions, Mercedes have won the Design for Environment’ certificate. This looks at the cars impact on the environment throughout its life. Mercedes are the only car manufacturer as yet to meet this very high standard set by ISO. The car is also 95% recyclable.

Mercedes A Class – Safety

This is where the Mercedes Benz A-Class excels amongst its competitors. Fitted as standard are front, side, curtain and passenger airbags, power steering, anti-lock brakes (ABS), anti-skid control, traction control and many more gizmos designed to keep you safe and sound.

Mercedes A Class – Miles per Gallon (MPG)

The petrol engine manages between 37.7 and 55.4 miles to the gallon, (47.1 combined), and the diesel engine is incredibly frugal with between 53.3 and 74.3 miles to the gallon, (64.2 combined). While you might save on fuel costs, insuring an A-Class is not the cheapest as it is classed between 8 and 16E insurance groups. Parts are also very expensive but with Mercedes' reliability, replacing parts will be a very rare occurrence.

Mercedes A Class – Friendly place to be

Inside the mini-Merc is a friendly place to be. The switchgear is lifted straight from the larger models, the plastics seem in a league of their own and the seats are very comfy. On a long drive you won't feel the pinch, but as for the ride quality, it seems Mercedes has scrimped on fine- tuning the suspension as it crashes over potholes.

Mercedez Blue Efficiency A Class

Mercedes A Class – Luxurious Reputation continues

Mercedes could have blackened its reputation if it hadn't made the A-Class as luxurious as its larger models. The quality of all of the fixtures and fittings is very high, almost justifying the equally high list price. One thing is for sure, you won't be back and forth to the dealer to replace inferior parts.

Mercedes A Class – Speed

Think of the A-Class as a plush bubble of technology instead of a performance car. It won't win many awards for its pace (the 0-60mph time for the petrol engine is 12.6 seconds and 14.8 for the diesel), and its poor ride quality means it's not great for a fast drive. Although, for the list price, you would expect the Merc to be an all-rounder, sadly it's not.

Mercedes A Class – Space

Although it looks small from the outside the Mercedes is huge on the inside. The rear seats fold down to open a chasm of space for carrying items. Even with the seats up and four adults in the car there is enough space for good-sized bags in the boot.

The AMG-liveried Mercedes are excellent handling cars, but alas, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class was designed for popping to the shops and zipping around the city, not for a racetrack. The handling is poor, with understeering on tight corners and if it didn't have the electronic leash of the traction control it would wander under heavy braking.

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