Mitsubhishi Colt – Eco Car (ClearTec)

If any car manages to combine a lack of cool with being, well, really cool, the latest Mitsubishi Colt could be the one to do it. The CZ1 model is available from £8,499 ONR.

Making no claims to being anything other than a supremely practical and able city car, the Colt does the unpretentious practical small car thing so well, it’s pretty darn cool. With its Ralliart engine, the 1.5 CZT is a blast to drive but the insurance cost destroys the Colt’s practicality.

Mitsubishi Colt Cleartec

Mitsubhishi Colt – Car Tax Bands

Especially when shopping for a cheap and practical car, making sure to find something that sits in a low car tax band can make a big difference to running costs. Most Colt variants sit in low tax bands, so they’ll be free in the first year and reasonably cheap in following years. The Colt CZ2 3 and 5 1.3 manual Clear Tec models both fall into Car Tax C which is only around £30 a year with no showroom tax. If you want to avoid the higher tax bands the 1.5 Ralliart engine, however, puts the Colt into an expensive tax band for a city car, (Band G)

Mitsubhishi Colt – C02 Emissions

Though pretty good on emissions, the smallest 1.1-litre engine isn’t the cleanest small-car engine around and produces 130g/km of CO2. The 1.3 ClearTec does a little bit better with 119 g/km co2. The 1.5 Ralliart, though undeniably a lot of fun to drive, is a bit of a stinker, churning out 161g/km of carbon dioxide. The most environmentally friendly eco models are therefore the “ClearTec” versions.

Mitsubhishi Colt – Miles Per Gallon

The smaller engines in the Mitsubishi Colt provide excellent fuel economy and even the high-performance 1.5-litre Ralliart engine, despite offering plenty of power, manages to beat 40mpg in combined mode. Apart from this performance model, insurance costs should be low. Both variants of the ClearTec Colt manage a combined mpg of 56.5 and up to 65.7 in Urban Mode. Top speed is 112 MPG and 0-62mpg takes 10.4 seconds.

Mitsubhishi Colt – Safety Features

Though the range-topping 1.5 CZT is packed full of safety kit, the cheaper Colt variants lack a lot of the safety features included as standard equipment on most small cars these days, even the cheaper ones.

Mitsubishi Colt ClearTec

Mitsubhishi Colt – Interior

The build quality and materials of Mitsubishi cars are generally not quite up to the standards of Mazda and Toyota, and the Colt is little different. Though the engineering and design of the Colt are clearly very good, the plastics and build in the cabin are inferior to the best available in this sector. These days, even cheap small cars tend to boast impressive materials and the Colt is slightly behind the pack in this regard.

Despite its tiny exterior dimensions, the Colt provides plenty of space inside for four adults. The ride and handling are taut and well-controlled but rarely so firm as to really upset comfort levels. The smaller, three-cylinder engines can produce tiring drone at speed.

Mitsubhishi Colt – More Fun than Eco

The Colt offers a pretty good combination of economy and fun. The smaller engines have plenty of verve and are eager driving companions. The 1.5 CZT is a little rocket, but remember that you’ll pay for this at the pump, and with higher road tax and insurance.

Mitsubhishi Colt – Size

The Colt’s tiny dimensions, excellent chassis and spicy engines mean it’s a lot of fun on the road and great for city traffic. The cabin offers plenty of room for such a small car. The removable rear seats let you get an astonishing amount of cargo into the back.

Mitsubhishi Colt – Snappy Handling

The Mitsubhishi Colt offers plenty of handling fun and confidence. The well-controlled suspension prevents the car rolling too much in corners and the precise steering means you can really hustle it along winding roads. In town, this snappy handling makes it easy to get through traffic.

For economical and environmentally friendly models choose the Colt ClearTec

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