Nissan Leaf – Electric Car

The first purpose-built electric car to be mass-produced, the five-door Nissan Leaf could well herald a true revolution in both green motoring and mass-market vehicles generally. Suffering only the usual limited range of an electric vehicle, the eco car Leaf gives owners a range of other benefits – at a price. Prices are estimated at around £24,000.

Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Nissan Leaf – Car Tax Exempt

An all-electric vehicle, the ground-breaking Nissan Leaf produces no exhaust emissions whatsoever, so not only is it very environmentally friendly but it also enjoys zero car tax whilst offering low-speed punch more akin to a big V6.

Nissan Leaf – Zero C02 Emissions

The Nissan Leaf is driven by a powerful electric motor that takes its punch from 48 lithium-ion batteries. There is no internal combustion engine burning fossil fuels. As a result, the Leaf produces no exhaust emissions, even though it can easily keep up with city traffic.

Nissan Leaf – Safety

Despite being an all-electric vehicle, the Nissan Leaf is designed to meet all safety regulations in the C segment of the compact car market. Though it’s a bit pricey, the Leaf comes with an impressive list of safety features. This includes six airbags, ABS (antilock braking system) and EBD (electronic brake distribution).

Nissan Leaf – Zero Fuel Costs

Filling up the Leaf involves nothing more than plugging into the mains, so there are no bills for petrol or diesel. The Leaf is designed with a range of features that boost mileage and the lack of need to worry about engine oil changes, coolant and other aspects of petrol and diesel engines means running costs should be very low.

Nissan Leaf Electric Car

Nissan Leaf – Comfort and Practicality

The Nissan Leaf is specifically designed to offer motorists an alternative to traditional family hatchbacks and city cars without the need to compromise on comfort or practicality. The interior offers plenty of room for adult passengers and luggage. The ride is good and the lack of engine noise means the cabin is remarkably quiet.

Nissan Leaf – Quality

Nissan knows it needs to pull out all the stops in terms of both design and manufacturing quality to help make the Leaf a hit. Though the car is mass-produced, it should enjoy plenty of attention to quality. The lack of an internal combustion engine makes it even easier to produce a solid, quality automobile that enjoys relative simplicity.

Nissan Leaf – Performance

Electric motors enjoy torque curves that are nearly flat. This means they can accelerate almost as well from zero revs as they can at peak revs. The Leaf is not designed to win traffic light grands prix but it has no trouble staying with traffic in town. However, its top speed is only 90mph and it runs out of steam above 60mph. This plus the 100 mile range mean it’s not much of a motorway mile muncher.

Nissan Leaf – Miles Per Charge

The 100 mile range makes the Leaf is impractical for long-distance motoring. However, it will attract people who spend the majority of their time in town. The ability to easily recharge at home, combined with a spacious, quiet interior, impressive standard equipment levels and low running costs make the Leaf a practical option for people seeking a good urban runabout.

Nissan Leaf – Impressive Handling

Because there is no heavy engine up front and the batteries live under the floor, the Leaf enjoys impressive handling. There is little in the way of body roll or understeer. The steering has good weighting and the car turns into corners with precision. Dare we say this Electric Vehicle could actually be a lot of fun?

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