Nissan Micra – Eco Car

Built in the UK, the Nissan Micra is a favourite with many Brits and has been since its inception in 1995. The cheeky grin of the original 'bubble' car design has blessed many driveways and the newest version of the Micra does not disappoint. With the Pixo fitting in the supermini category, the Nissan Micra has now been elevated to the 'mini' group. A new Nissan Micra can be purchased from £8,995.00 ONR.

Nissan Micra - Mini Car

Nissan Micra – Car Tax Band (VED)

The tax band for the Micra is C, which means it is free for the first year and afterwards there is very little to pay each year. By having a low tax bracket you can be assured of not having any obscene costs to pay just for owning a car.

Nissan Micra – Vehicle Emissions (C02)

European legislation is enticing car makers to get under 100g/km of CO2, and the Micra almost gets there with its 115g/km, (1.2 Visia 5dr). With this in mind, the Nissan Micra is a very eco-friendly car, although the 1.0 engine in the Pixo manages even less exhaust emissions.

Nissan Micra – Safety

The Nissan Micra boasts power steering, anti-lock brakes (ABS), traction control and driver and passenger airbags as well as head restraints and pre-tensioned seatbelts to restrain you in the event of an accident. It’s also caged with protective door bars to guard against injury in a side-impact accident.

Nissan Micra – Miles Per Gallon

The little 1.2 litre engine manages 56.5mpg combined, (46.3 Urban and 65.7 extra), which is around 45mpg with city driving and its good- sized fuel tank means visiting the petrol station will not be a regular occurrence. The insurance group is 5E, fairly high for this type of car, especially as parts are readily available from the Sunderland plant and all main dealers.

Nissan Micro Mini Car

Nissan Micra – Suspension

As the Micra is larger than a supermini, the suspension is slightly more efficiently damped and the seats are more comfortable, possibly in order to justify the £10,000 asking price. The little car rides well and does not cause back-ache or excessive fatigue during a long drive.

Nissan Micra – Design

With its Japanese design and the fact of its being built in England, the quality is high. The plastics are very good and there is a strong feeling of it being a larger car. Some of its fixtures and fittings have been borrowed from the larger Murano, no bad thing as it increases the ‘feel’ of the car.

Nissan Micra – Speed

0-60mph comes in at 13.7, which for a 1.2 is quite poor, demonstrating that cars are getting heavier these days due to added sound deadening and gizmos but engines are remaining the same. Most people don't buy a Micra for its performance but, for getting up to speed on a motorway, the buzzy little engine can seem tiresome.

Nissan Micra – Conclusion

There is plenty of room for four adults or two adults and three children. The rear seats fold down to make it a good load-lugging carrier. With its small footprint it's easy to park, meaning getting in, around and out of the city without incident should be a great deal easier.

With 80bhp the Nissan Micra isn't going to win many races, but for poodling around the city it's a great deal. Handling wise, the wheels are set at the very corners of the vehicle, making for easy pointing into corners and giving an almost ‘go-kart’ feel to the manoeuvre.

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