Nissan Pixo – Eco Car

Not many people thought Nissan would bother with a car smaller than the Micra, but they did and it’s called a Pixo. The small but effective engine is just less than 1.0 litre, (996cc). The Nissan Pixo is built for cheap and cheerful motoring, rather than for out-and-out practicality, performance or pace, it’s available from as little as £7,150. If you can bear its nondescript looks, it could be your next city car.

Nissan Pixo - City Car

Nissan Pixo – Car Tax Band (VED)

Tiny cars are cheap to buy and run, and the Nissan Pixo doesn't disappoint in these areas. It falls into the B tax band, which gives it free tax for the first year and not much in the following years, (currently around £20). With eco-friendliness, frugality and cost-cutting on everyone's minds, the Pixo makes a good argument for itself.

Nissan Pixo – Vehicle Emissions C02

With its 103g/km the Pixo almost reaches the industry's goal of emissions for new cars to be less than 100g/KM of CO2. Barring electric cars, the Nissan Pixo is one of the kindest to the environment as well as being very sympathetic to your bank balance both at point of purchase and afterwards.

Nissan Pixo – Safety Features

With a low list price and running costs, something has to give and, for the Pixo, it’s the safety features. The car has power steering and anti-lock brakes (ABS), but they have been around since the 1950s. There is no traction control or stability control, but with its weedy little 3-cylinder engine you won't reach very high speeds anyway.

Nissan Pixo – Miles Per Gallon

There is just one power plant, a 1.0 engine, which manages to achieve 64.2mpg combined, (51.4 Urban and 74.3 Extra). The insurers put the Pixo in group 1 to 2E, with a cost barely even worth thinking about unless you're under 25 years old. Visiting a petrol station in the Pixo will be a rare occurrence, often a good enough reason for many to purchase a particular model of car. The fuel tank holds 35 litres of fuel.

Nissan Pixo City Car

Nissan Pixo – Fixtures and Fittings

The seats are bargain-basement fitments and are uncomfortable and unsupportive. Travelling long distances in a Nissan Pixo is not really recommended, especially as motorways can be draining. Surprisingly, though, there’s plenty enough legroom for four adults to fit in the car in comfort.

Cheap cars are built on a budget and manufacturers, naturally, use the lowest-costing items in their budget cars. The plastics and fixtures are hard-wearing but not necessarily good to look at. However, for most people the quality of parts and fixtures comes secondary to the list price and running price.

Nissan Pixo – Performance

The Pixo's 0-60mph time is 14 seconds and it can’t quite manage to reach 96mph as its top speed however hard it’s pushed. Due to its light weight it feels nippy around town and zips smartly away from traffic lights. At anything over 50mph it starts to become noisy and the engine feels strained.

Nissan Pixo – Room Inside

With four adults in the car there is not much room for baggage and the boot is tiny unless the rear seats are folded down. There are a few cup holders and a good-sized glove box for bits and pieces, but overall, there is not much room inside the Pixo.

Nissan Pixo – Conclusion

Despite its light weight, the Nissan Pixo stays fairly steady when cornering. It feels ‘planted’ through long-sweeping corners and only becomes unstuck when the road is damp. The skinny little tyres don't give a huge amount of grip but the chances of going fast enough in the Pixo for this to matter are slim.

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