Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Eco Car

The latest in a long line of famous French super-hatchbacks, the Renault Clio DCI 1.5 provides a combination of refinement, quality, economy and fun that may well lead the class. The Clio has always been cool. Now, the Clio is also mature, practical, fun and frugal. This model is available from just over £13,000.

Renault Clio - Eco Car - Ec02

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Car Tax Band (VED)

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 marries excellent fuel economy with low CO2 emissions, meaning this car sits in the B car tax band and saves its owners plenty of money every year. The new special eco2 extreme version boosts economy and cuts emissions to get into car tax band A.

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – C02 Emissions

Whether you choose the newly-launched eco2 version or one of the existing range, the Renault Clio DCI 1.5 generates impressively low CO2 figures. The eco2 1.5 dCi 86 engine produces just 98g/km of carbon emissions at the tailpipe.

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Safety Features

If not the outright leader of its class, the Renault Clio DCI 1.5 certainly competes for the class leadership with its five-star results in Euro NCAP crash tests. The range of models and options is bewildering, however, so choose carefully to get the most safety features, some of which are optional depending on the specification and model.

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Miles Per Gallon (MPG)

The Renault Clio DCI 1.5 offers fuel economy ranging from more than 70mpg to nearly 80mpg, so filling up shouldn’t hurt too much. Car tax is nice and low (free in the first year), so daily running costs should be very low. The latest Clio should also do pretty well on depreciation.

Renault Clio - Eco Car - Ec02

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Stylish Elegant Design

Clios have always offered stylish, elegant design and French cars have long been notable for the comfort levels they manage to achieve, even while providing excellent handling. The latest Clio feels even bigger than it looks, with a Germanic feel of quality to both the ride and the cabin. There is 288 litres of luggage space.

All French cars have in the past suffered from problems with quality, but design and manufacturing quality have come a long way in recent years. The newest Clio appears to be faring well, with no big complaints about quality or reliability.

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Performance

This diesel-engined version of the Clio is not noted for offering blazing speed but it’s an excellent diesel engine, with plenty of torque on tap from low engine revs. It’s a quiet diesel engine, too, so you can add refinement to the list of qualities that already include economy and emissions. The top speed is 108 miles per hour and it reaches 62mph in just 12.7 seconds.

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Space for 5 Adults

The Clio has always offered one of the best cabins in the supermini class. There is plenty of room inside for four adults and five adults can even squeeze in for a while. The boot offers plenty of room, with excellent access from the hatch. Factor in the level of refinement, the sweet chassis and the low running costs, and this is an eminently practical car. .

Renault Clio DCI 1.5 – Conclusion

French automakers have long been famed for their ability to produce cars that marry the best handling to an excellent ride and the new Renault Clio DCI 1.5 is no exception. It raises the feeling of solidity and poise to Germanic levels, without sacrificing the delicacy of handling and feedback with which the Clio name has become synonymous.

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