Renault Fluence ZE – Electric Car

Though we’ll need to wait for the first road tests to find out exactly how capable the all-electric Renault Fluence ZE really is, the upcoming green car (deliveries are scheduled to start in the middle of 2011) is based on the French carmaker’s next Megane saloon, which also remains an unknown quantity. The Fluence ZE Electric Car is part of Renault’s Eco2 range of vehicles.

Renault Fluence ZE Electric Car

Renault Fluence ZE – Car Tax Exempt (Bracket A)

As it is an all-electric vehicle, the Renault Fluence ZE produces zero tailpipe emissions. This means it enjoys attractive car tax rates in the UK, where such cars currently enjoy free car tax, both in the first year of taxation and subsequent years.

Renault Fluence ZE – Zero Carbon Emissions (C02)

The Renault Fluence ZE Electric Vehicle uses no internal combustion engine as the high-tech battery pack supplies electricity to a potent electric motor. As a result, the Renault Fluence ZE produces no carbon emissions, making it very environmentally friendly.

Renault Fluence ZE – Safety Features

The Renault Fluence ZE is based on the Renault Megane, existing versions of which perform very well in EuroNCAP safety tests. The solidity of the body and the range of safety features were praised for the level of protection they provide occupants in both front and side impact tests.

Renault Fluence ZE – Cost Per Mile

The purchase price, even after the government subsidy, is likely to be relatively high, and depreciation levels for all-electric cars are currently unknown. However, daily running costs should be very low. Filling up by plugging into mains power at home costs as little as one penny per kilometre.

Renault Fluence ZE - Electric Car

Renault Fluence ZE – Comfort

Based on the upcoming new Renault Megane, the Renault Fluence ZE should offer a good cabin with quite a lot of space. If the cabin dimensions remain unchanged from existing Megane models, however, the rear seats will still be a bit cramped. The absence of noise from an internal combustion engine should boost the comfort levels considerably.

Renault Fluence ZE – Eco Green Motoring

Renault has worked very hard in recent years to narrow the gap in production and material quality between its cars and the best products from competitors like Volkswagen. The Renault Fluence ZE is likely to herald both a revolution in green motoring and in French automobile quality.

Renault Fluence ZE – Good Performance

Electric vehicles enjoy the great benefit of electric motors: lots of torque from low speeds. This means the Renault Fluence ZE should have little problem keeping up with city traffic. Many electric cars suffer from poor high-speed performance but the Renault Fluence ZE is likely to introduce a new era of quiet, clean motorway cruising.

Renault Fluence ZE - Electric Car

Renault Fluence ZE – 100 mile range per charge

For city motoring, there is little to beat the practicality of a car that never needs to stop at the forecourt to fill up. The silence of electric motoring is another major boon. With a range of just 100 miles, however, the Renault Fluence ZE will suffer the same intercity limitation as every other all-electric car until the infrastructure to support such vehicles is fully in place.

Renault Fluence ZE – Large Electric Car

At 13cms longer than the Megane on which it is based, the Renault Fluence ZE is a relatively large all-electric car. Putting the battery behind the rear seats rather than under the floor, is likely to mean the handling is not quite as free from roll as some of the smaller all-electric vehicles. On the other hand, Renault rarely produces a car with a poor chassis, so the Renault Fluence ZE should still enjoy excellent handling.

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