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Renault exhibits their Fluence ZE model at the Start Eco Cars Event at The Mall London. The Fluence is part of the Renault ZE range. It is a car that is 100% electric. According to Renault 27 million cars are producing 70 million tonnes of carbon dioxide a year. Their Fluence ZE Model has Zero emissions because it is 100% electric.

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At the Start Eco Cars Event, Kevin Mcloud speaks of how impressed he is with the current range of electric cars.

Roger Saul - Speaks about sustainability being the key and that producing Electric Cars is the only way forward.

Duncan Ballantyne thought it was a great opportunity for people to look at electric cars and make their own decision.

Quentin Wilson says the Renault Fluence it is so mainstream.

Dame Ellen Macarthur came along to drive the Renault Fluence. Dame Ellen Macarthur has set up her own charity called the Ellen Macarthur Foundation. It is an educational charity to inform young people on how to build a sustainable future. Her website gives more detail of how she works with education and business to inspire people to build a sustainable future. Renault, along with BT, B&Q and the National Grid are the founding partners of this charity. To discover more visit her website:

Ellen Macarthur test drives the Renault Fluence ZE and surmounted that it was just like a normal drive, a proper car that drives smoothly.

Renault explains in this video that they are extremely proud of their electric program and will be releasing four electric vehicles over the next year. These are:-

Renault has been working for years on their Eco2 program, which looks not only at lowering c02 emissions but how cars are built in factories and how recyclable vehicles are at the end of their life. The development of the electric ZE is part of their continuing Eco2 initiative to promote future sustainability.

The Renault Fluence can drive 100 miles on one charge and, (according to Quentin Wilson) will cost around a pound. A normal Diesel/Petrol family car that averages 40 MPG would cost just under £14 in fuel costs in comparison. (Calculated December 2010 when Diesel is 1.22 per litre).

The four Renault electric vehicles will have a Lithium-ion battery. The engine will be able to go from Zero to 30-Miles Per Hour in 4 seconds. Each charge should provide around 100 miles of driving. Renault state in their video that 87% of people drive less than 40 miles a day and that just under a third of Supermini's never make a trip longer than 95 miles.

It is proposed that in London there will be 25,000 charging posts in 2015, however it is envisaged that most people will charge their car at home from a specially installed charging station in their driveway or garage.

The question left is will you convert to an electric vehicle? Will the promise of reduced fuel costs inspire you to convert?

Ellen Macarthur concludes by saying that once you've test driven an electric car you'll convert. Electric is a system that we already have. Electric Cars are pollution free. They are also very quiet so in fact emit Zero Noise pollution too.

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