Reva G-Whizz – Electric Car

The little-known Indian car manufacturer Mahindra has entered the Electric Car market with its Reva G-Whizz. The tiny two-seater is about as economical and environmentally friendly as a car can get. It is run solely on electricity and is quite basic, yet ideal for those looking to make no impact on the ozone layer. You can travel a distance of approximately 80km (45 miles). Prices start at around £9,000 for a new model, but beware because the batteries only last for 3 years, after which they cost around £1,700 to replace.

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Reva G-Whizz – Road Tax Exempt

As with all electric vehicles, the Reva G-Whizz is exempt from paying road tax in the UK, (Car Tax A), which makes running a Reva G-Whizz kind to your bank account. The insurance group is a little high at 11E, which is mostly due to the fact that the parts are expensive as the only manufacturing plants are in India.

Reva G-Whizz – Charging time

The main selling point of the Reva G-Whizz is that it's electric. No emissions come out of this little car. There is no exhaust pipe and it barely makes any noise, even at motorway speeds. The only drain on resources is that the batteries need to be charged every eight hours of usage. Don’t worry if your in traffic either because apparently it only discharges 2% of it’s charge a day. The REVA G-WHIZZi won’t just stop when it’s battery is low either. You will be warned by the gauge going into the red mode, and on hearing a chime. The power of the car will be reduced by lowering the speed and turning the air conditioning off.

Reva G-Whizz – Safety

As with any small car, safety is not a huge part of the manufacturer's emphasis and although the panels are dent proof and there is a high-strength steel space frame, the Reva G-Whizz would probably not be the number one choice of vehicle to be in during an accident. However you must remember that the Reva - G-Whizz is designed as a city car, so it is unlikely that you will ever be going very fast.

Reva G-Whizz – Running costs

Apart from the initial cost of the Reva G-Whizz, there are few running costs. Maintaining the battery's health and charging it every eight hours, or charge it for just 2.5 hours for an 80 per cent charge, are the main running costs. When you purchase a Reva G-Whizz the manufacturer will fit a charging port for you. It doesn’t matter whether you live in the top floor either because they will fit the charging port wherever the car is parked.

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Reva G-Whizz – Comfort

The tiny cabin is not very comfortable; there are no back seats, only two front seats which are hard. The suspension is overly stiff and not good over pot-holes or bumps, but the main aim for this car is to be cheap to run and easy to park. Two Reva G-Whizz’s can fit into one standard parking space. If you’re after anything bigger than this, you should look for a different car.

There is a minuscule boot due to the batteries taking up most spare space. The cabin is tight, even for two people, and could be considered to be a motorbike with a roof in terms of practicality.

Reva G-Whizz – Appearance

Quality suffers with the Reva G-Whizz. The plastics on the dashboard are not on par with those of other cars in this class such as the Mini or Renault Twingo. The materials used for the seats and interior are sub-standard. Worst of all, it's quite an ugly car. The REVA G-WHIZZi is available in six standard colours or if you really want a unique car you could choose any colour you fancy.

Reva G-Whizz – Performance

The Reva G-Whizz only manages to reach 80 km per hour, which is around 48 miles per hour. It is so slow that it should only be used in cities and not out on the open road. The eerie lack of sound from the electric motor is another reason why travelling any faster than 30mph brings on a barrage of wind-noise.

Without being able to get up to much speed, the little Reva G-Whizz is not a performance car. It is a little sloppy when turning in and most of the time, the steering wheel doesn’t give a clear indication of what is going on. In city centres, it can turn on a sixpence as the turning circle is a mere 3.5 metres so there will be no getting stuck doing a U-turn ever again.

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