Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Eco Car

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II claims the title as the manufacturer's most efficient model ever. The tiny 1.2-litre, 75bhp, three-cylinder turbo diesel motor is the most economical the company has produced, managing an incredible 83.1mpg and only pumping out 83g/km of CO2. Prices in the UK start from £13,685 ONR.

Scoda Fabia Greenline - Eco Cars

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Co2 Emissions

Launched in June 2010, the estate is a good load-lugger, although it is sluggish, but it still returns excellent fuel economy despite the fact you have to wring its neck with a full load or up hills. October 2010 saw the hatchback version released, which is a little easier on the eye and quite funky looking. As the CO2 Emissions are incredibly low the Car Tax Band is only A, this is exempt from payment.

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Technology

The clever technology from the VAG group helps the Skoda achieve such leading figures with the help of a gearshift indicator for optimum fuel economy, brake-energy recuperation, a lowered chassis for better aerodynamics, stop-start technology when in traffic and low-rolling resistance tyres. Combine all of these and you have an ultra frugal and economical car.

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Fuel Economy

Skoda's official figures for fuel consumption are an astonishing 932 miles per tank, which might be a little optimistic but anything over 700 miles is fantastic for most families who only average 1,000 miles per month. Imagine that? Only having to refuel once a month on pay day? Official figures are 68.9MPG Urban, 94.2 Extra and 83.1 Combined MPG.

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Good Standard Equipment

To add to the incredible figures one would expect a disgustingly high list price or something negative. The official prices are £13,740 for a midi-estate, which is competitive. The standard equipment is good, too, with an eight-speaker radio with MP3 input, air conditioning, allow wheels, remote central locking, stability control and a cracking alarm system. So it's not just an empty car that needs thousands of pounds-worth of options that bump the price up. It's cheap, economical and doesn't look too shabby either.

Scoda Fabia Greenline - Eco Car

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Low Running Costs

The running costs are low, too. Servicing is only needed every 10,000 miles and it falls into insurance group 8, which is affordable for most people regardless of the other factors that bump up insurance premiums. There is a long warranty period of three years or 60,000 miles - whichever comes first. The paintwork is guaranteed for three years and 12 years for paint perforation, and with every new Skoda Fabia bought, there is three years RAC breakdown cover.

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Safety

The Skoda is geared around safety and has families in mind. There is ABS, side airbags, passenger and driver airbags, seat belt pretensioners, curtain airbag (a £245 option), ISOFIX child seat mounts and the ability to switch off the passenger airbag when a child seat is fitted.

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Additional Features

An immobiliser comes as standard, as does a secured spare wheel. For an extra £165 you can have heated front seats which are great for those cold wintry mornings. Heated mirrors, electric windows and cruise control are all standard and add to the Skoda's appeal.

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Performance

Top speed is a reasonable 107miles per hour with acceleration reaching 62 MPH in around 14.2 seconds. BHP isn’t so great at 75.

Skoda's Fabia Estate Greenline II – Conclusion

When you're after a reliable, economical estate car, or a hatchback, the Skoda Fabia Greenline II is a great choice. Once it’s paid for, there is very little to spend afterwards.

Scoda Fabia Greenline - Eco Cars
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