Selling an Eco Car

When you're selling a car, whether it’s an eco car or a fuel-guzzler, you need to put yourself in the shoes of the buyer. Think about it; would you buy a dirty, poorly-maintained car that looks shabby? No, and neither will the buyer. We have a few checks and tips to help you sell your eco car and make sure you don't lose out on its real value.

Clean your Eco Car

Probably the simplest of tasks, but many people try and sell a mud-ridden or dusty car. A thorough wash, using a jet-washer, a wipe down and a wax can do wonders not only for the paintwork, but for putting money in your pocket. Clean the inside too; use upholstery cleaner, plastic cleaner and glass cleaner to get the interior looking as special as the exterior. The few pounds spent on good cleaning products will help you sell the car. Buyers are less likely to haggle you down on price if the car really looks like it's worth the asking price.

Inspect Your Eco Car

Even if you know nothing about how your eco car works and the technical ins and outs, have a look around every inch of the car and looks for points which a potential buyer would pick up on. For example, if anything missing, such as a mudflap, replace it. Are there any badges missing or dents? Have them replaced or repaired. A buyer can be put off by the tiniest of things, so taking the time to go over the car can help you sell it.

Is everything in good working order?

Check the lights, the electrics, the seatbelts, and everything you can see and touch. A used car buyer in the market for an eco car wants to spend their money wisely and will only do so if everything is working. Have a garage look over it or get an MOT tester to check it out.

Change the Oil

The oil in a car is the lifeblood of the engine. If it is black or hasn't been changed in the last 8,000 to 10,000 miles, change it. Oil is expensive, but an engine rebuild is even pricier. Telling a prospective buyer that the oil has been changed recently shows that you look after your car and that it has plenty of life in it.

Test Your Eco Car

People in the market for an eco car want to help protect the environment and save money, too. Check that the batteries are charging properly and test them to see how far you can go on a full charge. This information can help a buyer visualise what ownership is like, making them more likely to buy it. Spend a day checking how many miles per gallon it manages. Ask an MOT tester to check how much CO2 it emits.

Check the Tyres on your Eco Car

Check the conditions of each tyre and replace them if they are low on tread. Like oil, tyres are expensive but spending money on them can help you to sell the car quickly. It's also against the law to have any tyre that has tread below 1.6mm, and not to mention dangerous.

By choosing a few avenues such as online classifieds, newspapers and specialist garages, you can spread the word that you're selling your eco car, and coupled with the little money spent on cleaning it up, it will be more likely to sell fast.

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