Smart fortwo – Eco Car

The Smart fortwo was a lot of cool city car for a lot of money when it was launched. The sector is perhaps crowded with quite a few viable alternatives but none of them do small this small or cool this cool. Nowhere near as economical as such a small car should be, especially in the higher performance versions, the Smart fortwo remains an acquired taste for a narrow market sector. Prices start from £8,800 for new models.

Smart For Two - Eco Green Car

Smart fortwo – Car Tax Band (VED)

Many engine options in the Smart fortwo produce low emissions, meaning they sit in low car tax bands and save you money. If you’re looking for better performance, you’ll end up a band or two higher but the car tax should still not be very high. The Smart Fortwo Coupe Pulse falls into Car Tax bracket A, which is exempt from any payment.

Smart fortwo – Low C02 Emissions

Environmental motoring has come a long way since the Smart fortwo first appeared but this little dynamo continues to provide some pretty green motoring, especially with its micro hybrid drive, which produces 98g/km of carbon dioxide. The Coupe Pulse emits 97 g/km of Co2. The diesel Pulse has even lower emissions at only 86 g/km co2.

Smart fortwo – Safety Features

It’s not easy to make such a tiny car safe but Smart have done a good job of designing safety into this little runabout. The Smart has a strong inner safety cell to protect occupants. Smart’s crash-management system minimises the risks of accidents and cuts the risk of injury should one be unavoidable. .

Smart fortwo – Low Fuel Costs

Despite being such a small car, the Smart fortwo is actually not that cheap to run. They hold their value well but can cost a lot to buy, (between 8-13K). Car tax is low (or free) and insurance should not cost too much but for such a small car, you might hope for even lower fuel costs. The Coupe Pulse does 65.7 MPG combined, 61.4 Urban MPG and 70.6 Extra MPG. The fuel tank can hold 33 litres. The diesel performs better and reaches between 83.1 and 85.6 miles to the gallon.

Smart ForTwo - Eco Green Car

Smart fortwo – Plenty of Room for Two

The Smart fortwo is a truly tiny car but it does a good job of providing plenty of room for the two people in the cabin. The tall cabin feels roomy and there’s a good amount of cargo space. On the road, the ride can get choppy, especially out of town, but comfort levels generally remain very good. .

Smart fortwo – Quality Design

The Smart is not cheap and, given its German heritage, owners will expect quality from what is, after all, a rather limited city car. Overall, the build and design express high quality levels but some of the interior fittings and controls can feel a little bit flimsy.

Smart fortwo – Performance

Unless you get a performance version, you end up with a vehicle that can pretty well hold its own in town but lacks real grunt. The more powerful Smarts qualify as rather fast but come with higher costs and noise levels. The Coupe Pulse reaches 90mph at most and gets to 62mph in 13.7 seconds.

Smart fortwo – Practicality

If your definition of practicality is heavy on parking convenience and coolness, then the Smart ForTwo will be very practical. If, however, you do much long distance driving or regularly need to carry more than one passenger, you will want to look elsewhere. Given the cost of the Smart ForTwo, it is hard to make a real argument that this car represents practical motoring. There is 220 litres of luggage space.

If you get the expensive Brabus model, you’ll enjoy superbly entertaining handling. Lesser versions of the fortwo are more compromised, though they’ve improved noticeably since the model was launched. The car’s short length makes it great for nipping in and out of small spaces in town but agility is not as good as it should be and the understeer can be terrible.

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