Suzuki Alto – Eco Car

Suzuki has gone all quirky with its latest city-car, with the Suzuki Alto being a smaller, more compact version of its older brother, the Swift. It has a cheeky face, a keen-revving engine and a great deal of space to lug around your shopping. It's cheap and cheerful, and looks great too. The Suzuki Alto is available from around £7,800 on the road.

Suzuki Alto - Eco Car

Suzuki Alto – Low Car Tax Band (VED)

The Suzuki Alto falls into the B tax band, which is great news for those who like to save money. For the first year there is no car tax to pay then from the second year onwards, tax will only come to around £20 per year.

Suzuki Alto – Low Co2 Emissions

The CO2 emissions for the Alto are almost class-leading, even compared to electric cars. The industry goal is to see all car emissions reduced to just 100g/km of CO2, with the Alto managing to pump out 103g/km, making it environmentally friendly.

Suzuki Alto – Safety Features

The Suzuki has pre-tensioner seat belts, power steering, ABS (anti-lock brakes) and traction control as standard. There are driver and passenger airbags, and anti-skid control. The safety features are great for such a small and cheap car. The front-end has designated crumple-zones which help dissipate the forces during collisions, meaning that the car's occupants are protected.

Suzuki Alto – Low Running Costs

The running costs for the Suzuki are low, compared to those of other cars in its class. The insurance group is 4E, which is higher than some cars, but that is mainly due to it being a newly designed car and parts may not be readily available yet should you need any. The tiny 1.0, 68bhp engine squeezes 64.2mpg (51.4mpg to 74.3mpg), which means visiting the petrol station will be a rare occurrence.

Suzuki Alto - Low Co2 Emissions

Suzuki Alto – Interior and Exterior

The only real downside to the Alto is the drab interior. It seems most of the design and ingenuity has gone into making it a cheap to run, good-looking car, rather than one that offers any form of interior luxury. The seats are unsupportive and the ride is average.

The quality of parts is good, such as that of the plastics, which seem hard-wearing but they aren't pretty to look at. The car comes with Bridgestone tyres as standard, which are high quality, demonstrating that Suzuki is keen to make this car a long-lasting one which has credibility. It's just a shame that the interior doesn’t match the exterior for quality.

Suzuki Alto – Performance

Don't buy a Suzuki Alto for its performance figures as they are dismal. It can barely reach triple figures for its top speed and its 0-60mph time comes in at an embarrassing 13.5 seconds. Nevertheless, the Alto gives great fuel economy and is keen to accelerate up to around 40mph, which is what you need from a city car anyway.

Suzuki Alto – Boot Space

The boot is adequate for a supermini city car, with 210 litres of space available with the seats up and 340 litres with the rear seats folded. Unfortunately, the boot can be difficult to access as the rear bumper is too high to lift heavy items into.

Suzuki Alto – Conclusion

At low speeds, the Suzuki Alto is keen to turn in and is good at accelerating, but reach motorway speeds and the front seems to wander. Under heavy braking the car dives forwards, which can be unnerving, making it better suited to city driving.

As an economical and cheap to buy city car that is also environmentally friendly the Suzuki Alto is worth considering.

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