Suzuki Splash – Eco Car

Bridging the gap between the Alto and the Swift is the Suzuki Splash, a city car with an edge. It comes with three engines to choose from, including a diesel, and is fun, quirky-looking and perhaps best of all, cheap to buy and own. Prices start from over £9,000.

Suzuki Splash - Eco Car

Suzuki Splash – Low Car Tax

As it's slightly bigger than the tiny Alto, the Suzuki Splash falls into band C for car tax for the 1.0. This still makes it cheap to run, but it can be a little expensive if used as a company car. The 1.2 is in band F, which is worse again, although the diesel 1.3 is in band C. Band C Car Tax is free for the first year and only £30 a year thereafter.

Suzuki Splash – Low Co2 Emissions

The diesel pumps out 120g/km of CO2; the 1.2 petrol engine emits 129g/km of CO2; and the 1.0 petrol engine churns out 119g/km. For such a small car, and the fact that the Alto manages to almost hit the 100g/km industry goal, the Splash isn't as friendly to the environment as some of its rivals.

Suzuki Splash – Safety

There is power steering, ABS, traction control and anti-skid control. This makes it a safe car to drive, even in the worst of weather conditions. There are driver and passenger airbags, which are obviously useful should the worst happen.

Suzuki Splash – High MPG

The 1.0 litre engine manages to return 56.5 mpg; the 1.2 returns 51.3mpg; and the 1.3 diesel manages 62.7mpg. While they are all frugal engines, the running costs should take the insurance group into consideration, which is 11E across the board. This is incredibly high for a car of this class.

Suzuki Splash - Low Co2 Emissions

Suzuki Splash – Extras

The Splash is cute and comfortable, with a great range of standard kit. There is a bluetooth-enabled radio and CD player, and climate control. The Splash isn't a chore to drive long distances, as the suspension is nicely dampened. The only uncomfortable thing about the interior of the Splash is the quality of the plastics, which is poor.

Suzuki Splash – Visual Appeal

The seats are comfortable but cheap-looking. This gives the interior, which is not a pretty sight, a drab feeling. The exterior is great to look at, and looks like it is high-quality and has a long shelf-life, but overall, the Splash is let down by its interior.

Suzuki Splash – Boot Space

The boot space is tiny in the Suzuki Splash, but if you're looking to buy a supermini, there is not much room for a large load-carrying space. The rear seats fold down to allow for larger items. There is space for two adults in the rear and with it being a five-door car, there is no need to clamber over the front seats to get in.

Suzuki Splash – Performance

The performance isn't great for a Suzuki. The 0-60mph times for the 1.0, the 1.2 and the 1.3 diesel Suzuki Splash are 14.7, 12.3 and 13.9, respectively. The top speed for all engine types is 98mph. The performance is average for a supermini of this calibre, but it is beaten by competitors the Renault Twingo and the Citroen C2.

The cheeky, little Suzuki Splash is keen to zip around city centres but out on the open road it wallows over bumps. Over pot-holes the suspension can be crashy, which naturally doesn't give the driver confidence.

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