Toyota Auris Hybrid – Eco Car

The Toyota Auris Hybrid looks fun, chunky and modern. Couple this with a super-efficient diesel engine and hybrid power, and you've got a great combination. It may carry some bulk, but it still manages to be nimble, and it can zip around town in electric-powered silence. The Toyota Auris Hybrid is available from £19,795 ONR.

Toyota Auris Hybrid - Eco Car

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Low Car Tax Band (VED)

Thanks to the ultra-low emissions, the Toyota Auris Hybrid is in tax band A, meaning low running costs aren’t the only savings buyers will make. If you can swallow the high list price, then the Auris is a great vehicle for saving money in the long term.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Low C02 Emissions

The car industry has set a goal for new cars to emit just 100g/km of CO2. Many struggle to get close to this figure, but the Auris Hybrid smashes it and only emits 93g/km of CO2, making it incredibly friendly for the environment.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Safety Features

Power steering, traction control, anti-skid control and ABS are all present and help the driver stay safe on the roads. There are specific crumple zones and side-impact protection beams, and six airbags should the worst happen.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Fuel Efficient High MPG

Fuel efficiency is where the Auris Hybrid sparkles. The ultra-efficient diesel and electric motor combine to give an average of 74.2mpg! The engineers have nailed the Hybrid Synergy Drive into being one of the best performers on the market today. The Auris Hybrid falls into insurance group 13, which is at the low end of a car of this magnitude.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Comfort

Soft but supportive seating is a welcome addition for those long drives. No more having to take a lie-down afterwards; the seating, layout and optional climate control make the Auris a nice place to be. The suspension is plaint and smothers bumps easily, meaning occupants are hardly jostled, even over the harshest of roads.

Toyota Auris Hybrid - Eco Car

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Interior

Toyotas have quality in abundance. The modern dashboard, cool-blue dashlights and ergonomically designed interior of the Toyota Auris Hybrid is a pleasure to be surrounded by. There are gadgets galore in the cabin, and most importantly, it looks great, too.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Performance

The sprightly turbo-diesel engine is good enough on its own, but the electric motor chimes in when the throttle is pushed, adding an extra kick. The 1.8 diesel manages a 0-60mph time of 11.4 seconds, which for a car of this size is quite reasonable. It will go on to 112mph too, but don't forget this car is more about efficiency than outright power.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Space

There's no mistaking that hatchbacks have grown in the last decade, but that only means more room to carry your bags. Four adults can fit easily into the Toyota Auris Hybrid, even tall ones! The boot is a chasm and swallows everything you have without the need to fold down the rear seats, which when folded add another 543 litres of space to the sizable 385-litre boot.

Toyota Auris Hybrid – Handling

In true Toyota style, the handling is chuckable and fun. It goads you into pressing on and is faithful through corners. Its hefty 1,380kg weight causes a little understeer, and the car can be sluggish uphill. The throttle response is great around town, and with the added kick from the electric motor, it surges forward nicely.

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