Toyota IQ – Eco Car

No car as small as the Toyota iQ has any right being extremely good yet the iQ does even better, with a level of ability that easily qualifies as brilliant. New models are available from as little as £9,250. Or ones that are a few years old can be picked up for as little as £5,000 or less. Don’t forget that all Toyota cars now come with a 5 year warrantee.

Toyota IQ Eco Car

Toyota IQ – Small Mini

The iQ is like a 21st-century version of the original Mini. There is an amazing amount of room inside for such tiny exterior dimensions and the ride is shockingly good. The only real question is whether you really need to spend so much money on something so small.

Toyota IQ – Car Tax Exempt

As you might expect from a modern city car, the Toyota iQ brings yet another high-efficiency option to the sector. With the 1.0 VVT engine and manual transmission, the iQ is exempt from car tax, (Car Tax bracket A). Other engine and transmission options take the iQ up one or two car tax bands but there are no horror stories here.

Toyota IQ – Low Co2 Emissions

The iQ does very well in terms of carbon emissions though perhaps not as well as its diminutive size might suggest. With the basic 1.0 engine and manual transmission, CO2 emissions are rated at just 99g/km. The peppier engines and Multidrive gearbox can boost this as high as 120g/km.

Toyota IQ – Safety Features

Despite being so small you can joke about losing it down the back of the sofa, the iQ offers outstanding safety. Thanks to a carefully-engineered body structure that transmits accident forces away from occupants and a total of nine SRS airbags, amongst other features, the tiny iQ garners a five-star Euro NCAP safety rating.

Toyota IQ - Eco Car

Toyota IQ – Cheap to Run - High MPG

With low or non-existent car tax, cheap insurance and excellent fuel economy, even when driven hard, the Toyota iQ should be very cheap to run. Toyota has an excellent reputation for reliability so costly maintenance and servicing should not be a concern. Insurance is around group 3.

The 1.0 litre petrol engines manages a highly efficient 55.4mpg to 70.6mpg. The IQ is an incredibly fuel efficient car managing high mpg in all models.

Toyota IQ – Four Seats

The iQ truly is an amazing car. It is so tiny and yet can seat three people with excellent comfort. Four adults can even squeeze in for short journeys. There is plenty of room for two people in the front and the ride is excellent, even at motorway speeds, which are normally the undoing of small city cars.

Toyota IQ – Quality Car

Despite some questions about the quality of materials in some early cars, the iQ should enjoy great reliability, if Toyota’s reputation is any guide. Some of the interior definitely feels cheap―much cheaper than it should at this price―but all other aspects of the car’s design and construction support the conclusion that this is a quality car.

Toyota IQ – Performance

The iQ comes with small engines but it is very small and weighs less than a tonne. The little 1.0-litre, three-cylinder engine feels eager enough in town and even copes well with motorways. The 1.3-litre four endows the iQ with noticeably improved acceleration and it really motors out of town, giving the car a top speed of 106mph.

Toyota IQ – Practical Car

The iQ is no people mover but considering that it measures less than three metres from nose to tail, this really is a remarkably practical car. Not only can you squeeze the Toyota IQ into tiny gaps in traffic and almost non-existent parking spaces, but you can carry four people, and with the rear seats folded down you’ll even enjoy pretty good cargo-carrying capacity. The only drawback is the iQ’s relatively high purchase price.

Toyota IQ – Conclusion

Toyota’s designers have taken a page out of the original Mini’s book by positioning the iQ’s wheels right out at the car’s four corners. The Toyota IQ doesn’t enjoy the same incredible level of kart-like chuckability as the original Mini but the iQ also doesn’t suffer from the old Mini’s tendency to see-saw and get knocked off its line.

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