Toyota Prius – Eco Car

Taking the world by storm, the Toyota Prius was unveiled by Toyota as a revolutionary idea of an ultra-clean engine mated to an electric motor. This combination helps keep running costs low, while the impact on the environment due to the low CO2 emissions of the super-green and frugal engine is minimal. The cheapest Toyota Prius I can find is £18,699 ONR.

Toyota Prius Hybrid - Eco Car

Toyota Prius – Low Car Tax Band

The Toyota Prius is a great all-rounder and receives raving reviews from celebrities all over the world, who jump at the idea of an environmentally friendly car. If you can stomach the loft list price, then running a Prius can be cheap. The car tax band is A, meaning there is very little to pay each year. The Prius falls into group 16E for insurance, which is the only downside as this is more expensive category than that of other cars in its class.

Toyota Prius – Low Co2 Emissions

Dipping under the industry's target of 100g/km of CO2, the Toyota Prius manages to only spew 92g/km of CO2, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly cars on sale today. Only 100 per cent electrically powered cars beat it for being green, but it does not come with the flaws that those cars do.

Toyota Prius – Safety

ABS, traction control, stability control and electronic power-steering help keep the Prius facing the right way on the road. The cabin is classed as a 'safety cell', which redirects energy away from the occupants during a crash. Airbags for both passenger and driver come as standard, and pre-tensioner seat belts help in the event of an accident.

Toyota Prius – Fuel Efficient High MPG

The low running costs of the Prius are its number one asset. The fuel-sipping engine returns a monumental 70.6mpg, with the added help of the hybrid-electric motor, and side-steps the London congestion charge. There are long-lasting 'eco' tyres that are fitted as standard, which won’t need replacing often.

Toyota Prius Hybrid - Eco Car

Toyota Prius – Cabin Room

There are acres of room inside the cabin, and coupled with nice, squidgy seating, the Prius can be a comfortable place to be, even on long journeys. The suspension has a great setup for town, motorway and lumpy B-roads, meaning that as a driver or a passenger, you aren't thrown around inside.

Toyota Prius – Quality

Toyota was first to push the hybrid car idea into the mainstream and therefore has to keep the quality of components high. The high-profile Prius does not disappoint inside the cabin. The fun, swoopy dashboard and solid feel to everything makes for a pleasant surrounding. The list price of £23,000-plus shows that no expense is spared on quality.

Toyota Prius – Performance

The 0-60mph dash comes in at 10.4 seconds, which is surprisingly nippy for an ultra-frugal, green car. It goes onto to reach 112mph although the gearing is optimised for fuel efficiency rather than outright pace.

Toyota Prius – Practicality

The Toyota Prius is known for being ultra efficient and hugely practical. The large, expansive boot can be extended from its already huge 446-litre capacity to 660 litres of space with the rear seats folded down. The front seats are thin to provide more legroom for rear passengers, with two adults easily fitting in the backside.

Toyota Prius – Handling

Owners of Toyota Prius don't buy them for their handling. While it isn't bad, the hefty kerbweight (1,420kgs) and high centre of gravity for a hatchback makes it disappointing through corners. However, it doesn't understeer much, possibly due to the clever weight distribution of the heavy on-board items.

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