Using old Chip fat/oil to Power Vehicles

Rising fuel prices are very alarming and saving money on transport is difficult for householders. However, technical advancements are coming through all the time and are providing more effective and eco-friendly fuel options to help household budgets. More Green Car reviews can be viewed here.

Green Cars

Biodiesel for Personal Use

Since the change of the law in July 2006 it is now legal to make up to 2,500 litres of biodiesel for personal use, which is enough to run an average family car, without paying any kind of tax. The makers convert the used chip fat from fish and chip shops restaurants, pubs and fast food outlets to create a useful and very cheap fuel to run vehicles. The companies that make the kits for conversion of the fat have seen a steady rise in sales. The kits are rather expensive, but if you have a good knowledge of DIY you can in fact make your own.

Converting Cooking Oil

Conversion is a simple process that creates the usable biodiesel in a couple of days. It contains 80% to 90% vegetable oil, 10% to 20% alcohol and around 1% is a catalyst. The alcohol provides it with the chemical boost to make a start on conversion.

Good Source of Energy

This biodiesel can be used to run any diesel car. It is reliable and is a good quality source of energy. Some motorist, prefer using a mixture of half-cooking and half-normal diesel in their cars.

Cooking Oil Industry is Booming

There is now a booming industry with individuals regularly making their own biodiesel from waste cooking oil. This biodiesel can be made by anyone with the help of the chemicals and special equipment. The cost of this biodiesel works out at only 15p per litre. The smell of the exhaust is usually like the local chip shop but it can differ depending on the composition of the biodiesel.

Councils Sign Up

Richmond council in South West London has promoted the use of biodiesel. It put out to tender a (£3.5 million) contract to supply biofuel to run 300 council vehicles on recycled food oil. The council was able to save £10,000s and also took a positive step in helping to reduce the use of normal natural resources.

Chip Fat Oil BioDiesel

Tesco sell BioFuel

The UK government has officially announced that at least 2.5% of petrol and diesel should come from vegetable energy in the future. Most diesels contain a small percentage of biodiesel sourced from soya or rapeseed oil. Tesco now sell diesel with around 5% biofuel, but there are some garages that also sell diesel made from vegetable oil.

Biofuel Tax Rates

The tax rates have also been changed in order to encourage the use of biofuels. However, there are still some serious tax issues involved in running vehicles on recycled waste vegetable oil. All fuel used in a road vehicle is subject to hydrocarbon oil duty, also called the Road Fuel Duty, which is applicable irrespective of the fuel being petrol, diesel or biofuel.

Notify DVLA when using Cooking Oil in Car

Any user also needs to notify the DVLA in the case where a vehicle has been converted to run on biodiesel, as there is a vehicle excise duty implication.

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Green Cars
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