BlueMotion from Volkswagen

The BlueMotion Technology from Volkswagen is designed to reduce the negative effects that driving has on the environment. The BlueMotion badge is now synonymous with being the cleanest, most eco-friendly cars in the Volkswagen range. To read more about VW BlueMotion models click here.

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VW BlueMotion Initiative

The Volkswagen BlueMotion initiative is a series of innovations and refinements that helps to save both fuel and money. It tries to cover all the possible methods of saving energy and creating fuel efficient technologies such as, refined aerodynamics, energy recovery from braking, optimized gearing, reduced resistance to tyres and the start-stop engine control system. The technology includes a DSG dual-clutch gearbox and TSI and TDI engines. All the components work flawlessly together to create cars that are more economical, reduce CO2 emissions and aim to make driving more eco-friendly.

BlueMotion Improvements

The VW BlueMotion has focused on a few areas of improvement, namely:

BlueMotion Technologies

The BlueMotion technologies symbolise the cleanest, most energy-efficient cars in the VW range. The efficiency starts at the very core of the engines and gearboxes. The advanced technical expertise and techniques such as, TSI, TDI and DSG contribute to the driving effectiveness. They play a vital role in keeping the Volkswagen brand at the peak of eco-saving engineering.

BlueMotion Advanced Engines

Advanced engines include the powerful TSI that ensures that fuel is consumed at an optimised level, also made possible by the high-torque diesel TDI. The DSG Dual-Clutch gearbox facilitates wonderful fuel economy. This makes the car efficient without any compromise of the enjoyment, fun and experience of driving.

BlueMotion Low Co2 Emissions

Volkswagen’s BlueMotion Technology has been successful in the modification of the engine management software that makes the engines run smoothly and efficiently. This has also reduced the engine idle speed requirement to reduce CO2 emission and to increase the fuel efficiency of the car. The gearboxes have been modified with longer ratios so that there is economic fuel consumption in the higher gears of models with BlueMotion technology. The advanced technology also helps in analysing the correct time to change gear for the best possible engine efficiency.

VW BlueMotion

BlueMotion Start and Stop System

The pioneering start and stop system turns the engine off when the vehicle is not in motion and restarts it automatically when you are ready to move on. The recovery of the car in the start-stop mechanism uses energy that is lost when braking and during deceleration, this passes surplus charge to the battery.

BlueMotion Craftmanship

Both the exterior and the interior of the vehicles are very well crafted, from the tyres that reduce road friction to the aerodynamically stylised, sleek body. BlueMotion has now become a symbol of fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, without compromising the driving experience for the user.

BlueMotion Range

The BlueMotion range includes the Volkswagen Polo, Golf and Passat. BlueMotion Technology is standard on all engines except 2.0-L 200PS TSI. BlueMotion cars are considered to be the most efficient Volkswagen cars yet produced. To read more about these models see our Green Car list here.

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