Volkswagen Golf – Eco Car

The VW Golf is a great all-rounder. It excels in some areas, but in many others it is a market leader, setting the benchmark for others to follow. New styling, a sleek exterior, funky interiors and 100 per cent usable practicality make the Volkswagen Golf difficult to beat. The only downside is the price, which starts at £15,685 and reaches the wrong side of £26,000 for the range-topping GTI.

Volkswagen Golf - Eco Car

Volkswagen Golf – Low Car Tax Band

In order to save money on your next car purchase, finding out the car tax band is important if you want to know the yearly cost of running a car. The lowest band for a Golf is A, for the Blue Motion 1.6 Tdi 105 version, engines are in higher bands up to the GTI in band H. This makes the BlueMotion version Car Tax Exempt.

Volkswagen Golf – Low Co2 Emissions

The clever engine of the 1.2TSI manages to only pump out 129g/km of CO2, which is high for a 1.2 engine, but in a car the size of a Golf, this is impressive. The diesels are equally as 'green', pumping out 107g/km of CO2, making it a great company car. The sporty GTI throws 173g/km of CO2 out, which in comparison to its rivals is good, especially for the performance. The most eco-friendly version is the BlueMotion 1.6 Tdi which has a impressively low emissions of just 99 g/km.

Volkswagen Golf – Safety Features

Delivering style, functionality, performance and being one of the safest cars in its category, the Golf is a superb all-rounder. There are airbags everywhere, even on the windows! Power steering, traction control, and stability control keep all four wheels pointing in the right direction, and ABS with brake-force distribution helps in times of emergency.

Volkswagen Golf – High MPG

Buying a Golf is expensive, but you're getting quality German engineering, which means that running it doesn't have to cost the earth. The 1.2 TSI returns 51.4mpg, the 1.6 diesel 'BlueMotion' hybrid brings home 74.3mpg (60.1 urban/83.1 Extra), and even the racy GTI manages 33.6mpg.

Volkswagen Golf - High MPG

Volkswagen Golf – High Comfort

VW Golfs are incredibly comfortable. The seats are supportive but not restrictive, the suspension absorbs bumps and lumps on the road so you don't feel them, and after a long journey, you still feel fresh. Climate control, thick carpets and enough sound-deadening help keep wind and road noise to a minimum, too.

Quality parts are used in the Golf, from its dashboard to the hide of the optional leather seats. A VW is designed to last a long time, meaning it's a great investment. But while it will last forever, the interior look is a little bland.

Volkswagen Golf – Performance

Only the smallest engines are disappointing in terms of performance; the 1.2TSI hits the benchmark 0-60mph time in 14.5 seconds and only has 85bhp. The 1.6 diesel's time is 11.3 seconds, while the more powerful 2.0 diesel has 170bhp, hits 60mph in 8.1 seconds and still manages 55mpg. The GTI reaches the 60mph mark in just 6.9 seconds and goes on to 140mph-plus.

Volkswagen Golf – Boot Space

The Golf has 330 litres of boot space, which grows to 530 litres with the rear seats laid flat. The rear seats have a 60/40 split and a large, chasm-like boot opening to allow even the most bulky of items to be easily put in.

Volkswagen Golf – Conclusion

One of VW Golf's defining areas is the handling. It will grip the road like a vice, turn into corners keenly yet it still manage to be pliant and supple over bumps. When pressing on, the Golf is as sporty as any 'hot-hatch', adding to its true all-rounder appeal.

BlueMotion from VW is a pioneering green initiative from the company that excels in producing greener lower c02 emitting cars. The Golf is no exception, however for the most economical version you will have to spend about £17,500.

Volkswagen Golf - Eco Car BlueMotion
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