Volkswagen Polo – Eco Car

From the super-economical BlueMotion Volkswagen Polo to the Polo GTI, there is something for almost every small-car shopper in the Polo range. Drivers looking for the ultimate fun small car might look elsewhere, but the Polo gives you solid design and build, a legendary badge and if you choose wisely, stunning fuel economy. A new Volkswagen Polo can be purchased from just over £8,500 ONR. The BlueMotion (most economical) version is available with 3 or 5 doors costs a little bit more at just over £14,000.

Volkswagen Polo - Eco Car

Volkswagen Polo – Low Car Tax Bands

The Volkswagen Polo falls into a wide range of tax bands, depending on the engine you choose. The BlueMotion Polo comes with free road tax in bracket A. The 75-horsepower 1.2 TDI will cost almost nothing to tax, (bracket B). Other options attract higher tax but are still not too bad. Even the GTI’s 180-horsepower does pretty well on tax, considering the level of performance, (bracket E).

Volkswagen Polo – Low Co2 Emissions

With most cars, the emissions levels are directly related to the size of the car and the engine’s power output. Shop for a smaller, more economical engine, and you should be rewarded with lower emissions. Volkswagen’s BlueMotion engine range illustrates this well. In the Polo, the BlueMotion 1.2 diesel engine generates just 91g/km of CO2. Some of the bigger engines, however, push emissions up to 128-139g/km.

Volkswagen Polo – Safety Features

The Polo only offers airbags for the driver and the front seat passenger but it’s a pretty good standard set-up. The only additional option (albeit pricey) is a curtain airbag system that costs £600. ESP (Electronic Stability Programme) is standard, as are headrests optimised to prevent whiplash. Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) is included as standard, too.

Volkswagen Polo – Service Costs

Volkswagen build quality is legendary so maintenance costs should not prove an issue. Volkswagen offers a fixed price service plan for those keen to lock in servicing costs.

Volkswagen Polo - High MPG

Volkswagen Polo – High MPG

The Polo offers excellent fuel economy and low road tax, as well as low insurance costs. The BlueMotion, especially, is simply stunning when it comes to fuel costs. The VW Polo 1.2 Tdi Bluemotion 5dr model does between 67.3mpg and 91.1mpg with an impressive 80.7 MPG on the combined cycle. Other models do less miles per gallon.

Volkswagen Polo – High Comfort Levels and Design

Few, if any, small cars can rival the comfort levels of the Polo. The latest version of VW’s legendary small car feels as well built as a tank and has a ride to match. Excellent seats and low noise make this a serious long-distance cruiser despite its relatively small size. The only weak spot is cabin space, which is only average for this class of car. The Polo reflects the astonishing level of design and build sophistication available from the best carmakers today. Interior materials have a quality feel and the Polo drives like a much more expensive car.

Volkswagen Polo – Performance

You won’t find many of the smaller, more economical engines in the Polo set your heart on fire with their power or speed but you will be enjoying outstanding fuel economy. The BlueMotion 1.2 Tdi has a top speed of 107mpg and manages 62mpg on 13.9 seconds. Some of the small engines are a bit gutless, so if you really need power in your small car, you need to aim for the economy/fun of the 1.2 TSI or the outright hotrod motivation found in the GTI.

Several of the VW Polo’s competitors, most notably the Ford Fiesta, offer handling that is much more spirited. The Polo doesn’t provide the same awesome level of engaging driver experience. On the other hand, the Polo will never be tiring. The comfortable ride and the sure-footed chassis make the Polo an excellent but not record-setting little car.

Volkswagen Polo – Conclusion

If you go for the higher performance versions of the Polo, it won’t be the cheapest supermini around. Also, the Volkswagen Polo’s interior space is nothing special. If you need supreme cargo-lugging ability, the Polo may not be for you. Otherwise, the Polo is an excellent combination of quality urban runabout and mile-muncher that should leave you smiling on the odd occasion you need to visit the forecourt.

Volkswagen Polo - Eco Car BlueMotion
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