Volvo S40 – Eco Car

Volvo’s S40 scores very well on points like safety, ride comfort and quality. Otherwise, aside from a lack of space in the rear, it’s generally pretty good without being brilliant, so make sure to review both the competition and the various options for the S40 before making a purchase. Prices start from just over £17,300 from the right dealer. The most economical DRIVe S40 costs upwards of £18,000.

Volvo S40 - low co2 emissions

Volvo S40 – Low Car Tax Bands

Volvo offers some fairly green engine options in the Volvo S40. Its DRIVe Start/Stop manages to avoid any payment for car tax as it falls into Bracket A. The other diesel engines available for the S40 offer low car tax. It isn’t until you get to the performance of the bigger petrol engines that you’ll notice significant car tax bands.

Volvo S40 – Low Co2 Emissions

The DRIVEe Start/Stop engine uses regenerative braking to help get the S40 down to a superb 99g/km of CO2. Though they produce more than 100g/km of CO2, the other diesel engines are also pretty good. The petrol engines produce significantly more emissions but the T5, which pumps out 211g/km, is actually a good compromise between performance and environmentalism.

Volvo S40 – Safety Features

It’s a Volvo, so safety levels are expected to be very high, and the Volvo S40 doesn’t disappoint. First of all, it garners a full five stars for adult safety in EuroNCAP safety tests and four stars for child safety. The S40 comes with a comprehensive array of airbags and the solid safety cell protects occupants while carefully-designed crumple zones absorb as much force as possible.

Volvo S40 – High MPG

With any of the diesel engines, S40 owners should enjoy low running costs. Apart from the DRIVEe Start/Stop engine, the Volvo is only moderately competitive on running costs versus the competition in this sector. The DRIVe versions pack an eco punch with excellent fuel economy that ranges from 61.4mpg to 85.6mpg, (74.3 combined). Performance addicts who still care about fuel costs and the environment should be quite happy with the T5.

Volvo S40 - DRIVe - Eco Car

Volvo S40 – Performance

If you choose one of the smaller diesel engines, don’t expect performance to be outstanding – you’ll get good fuel economy but not too much power. The petrol engines make the S40 livelier, especially the T5, which is a snorting beast. Even the DRIVe has a top speed of 121mph and can reach 62mpg in just 11.4 seconds. Lesser economical S40’s perform better.

Volvo S40 – Handling

The S40 has good handling but it’s nothing to write home about. The chassis appears to be aimed at providing a relaxing experience rather than an edgy, engaging drive. It’s not bad but it’s not terribly exciting either, which many drivers will consider to be a good thing.

Volvo S40 – Conclusion

The S40’s ride is generally good though passengers can get a bit cramped in the back. Otherwise, this is classic Volvo, offering brilliant seats and an outstanding ability to cruise for long distances.

Volvos have always been solid in terms of both design and construction, so the Volvo S40 is unlikely to have any quality problems. The interior, too, is another example of Volvo’s legendary ability to produce excellent, if rather restrained, cabins.

The Volvo S40 is a little too cramped inside to be the most practical of all cars in this sector of the auto industry. However, it is very well built and provides plenty of comfort, which is especially notable on long drives. The driving experience won’t set many hearts on fire though.

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