Nov 152010

The EC report on all co2 emissions from european manufactured cars.  Their analysis has concluded that the c02 emissions have been reduced by 5%.  This has been calculated from last years figures. Apparently this is the largest decline documented on record.  Figures are for vehicles newly manufactured in Europe.

Co2 Emissions * Less than 130g/km C02

Co2 Emissions * Less than 130g/km C02

Last year the EU set a target to all European Car Manufacturers that two thirds of all cars manufactured (65%) had to have Co2 emissions lower than 130g c02/km.  100% compliance was reached with all manufacturers managing to get 65% of their fleet have emissions of 130 g c02/km or less.

Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard said: “Reducing road transport CO2 emissions remains a major challenge for the future. The latest data shows however the car industry is on track to achieve the 2015 target, keeping the EU industry at the front-edge of competitiveness.”

Over the past seven years co2 emissions for new vehicles is on the decline.

In 2015 the target is that all cars will aim to have vehicle emissions at 130 g/km c02 or less.

FACT:  Two thirds (65%) of all lower emitting cars reach the standard of emitting co2 of 130 g/km or less.

FACT:  In 2015 all cars (not just lower emitting cars) will be used to get a percentage of how many cars emit 130 g/km co2 or less.

STANDARD: In 2015 all cars will emit 130 g/km co2 or less.

The EU is on track to gain a significant high compliance rate with this standard.  The new breed of Electric Cars and Hybrid Cars are the way forward with their Zero emissions and 100% Eco Green philosophy.

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