Dec 092010

The Hyundai i20 is another economical car from the manufacturers Hyundai. It replaces the Getz but it is better styled and more in keeping with small city car design. The Car Tax ranges from band B which is only £20 a year (as of April 2011) with the first year free.
The diesel model is the best co2 performing car with emissions as low as 110 g/km co2.

Miles per gallon is very acceptable from an average of about 55 miles to the gallon with the 1.2 petrol version and up to 74.3 MPG with the 1.4 CRDi diesel model.

Hyundai i20 - Ecological and Economical

Hyundai i20 - Ecological and Economical

The 5 year warrantee makes this an even better economical and ecological decision when purchasing a small car.  To read our entire Hyundai i20 review, click here.

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