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If you are in the market for a new car, perhaps you should consider purchasing one of the many eco cars. These cars are a great alternative to the carbon monoxide contributing vehicles that currently dominate the roads. When you buy an eco car you are not only purchasing a vehicle with numerous benefits for yourself but you are making a statement to everyone who sees you. That statement is that you care about the environment.

There are several models of eco cars that are on the market today. The most common car is the hybrid. These cars use a combination of gasoline and an alternative power source to run the car. Depending on the type of driving you are doing, city or highway, will determine which source of energy the car is using. Many automakers from Ford to Toyota and Seat have new cars that fall in this category.

By making your next new car purchase an eco friendly purchase you are doing something that is beneficial for yourself and for generations to come. The ozone layer surround the earth is slowly being destroyed by the large amounts of pollutants that we are producing. By purchasing an eco car, you are lowering the amount of toxins that you are releasing into the air. While you may think one person doesn’t matter, every little bit counts.

As the green movement continues more types of environmentally friendly new cars are becoming available at lower prices. It is now possible to buy all electric cars, while research in alternative fuels like bio fuels are also being worked on. Soon the availability of this technology will be within the grasp of most people and everyone will be able to enjoy the benefits.

In addition to the environmental benefits, you will also notice benefits for yourself after purchasing your new car. One of the biggest benefits to an eco car is the fuel savings. The fuel prices are continuing to rise higher and higher every week. Based off fuel in the end of 2010, it costs an average of $1720 to drive 12,000 miles in a Ford Fiesta. For the Nissan Leaf, it would cost about $220 to drive the same mileage. The savings will quickly add up for eco car owners.

In addition to fuel savings, some insurance companies will provide discounts for owning these cars too. These benefits are usually added to your policy when the car is added and vary by company. If an offer is not immediately made, ask because there may be an incentive for you. As you can see making your next new car purchase an eco car will offer many financial and aesthetic benefits.

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