Apr 192011

The best selling eco car in the UK is the shoe-box sized (and shaped) G-Wiz. It’s strictly a two-seater and is perfect for those who work and live in and around London. As it is solely-powered by electricity, it comes with many benefits, such as not being an eco car applicable for London’s congestion charge.

There are yet more benefits to this electric car, such as free parking, low insurance, free road tax and no fuel bills. As other eco cars are large and bulky, making them difficult to park, and they usually have both an engine and a battery motor, they are cumbersome. In some cases, it is questionable whether they are more economical than similar sized combustion engine cars. The G-Wiz, on the other hand, is cheap to buy and run, and it can park in the tightest of parking spaces.

The performance figures aren’t going to win any prizes, but with a top speed of 50mph – and let’s face it, where can you do 50mph in London? – and a range of 48 miles between charges, it’s perfect for inner city living and commuting to work. Opting for the lithium-ion battery pack will extend the range to 70 miles and that comes with an extra year (three years in total) than the lead-acid battery powered G-Wiz.

Reva g-Whizz Electric Car

Reva g-Whizz Electric Car

The G-Wiz‘s looks aren’t for everyone but with 2,000 colours, designs, limited edition versions and bespoke models, each one can be unique and different to the rest. In many cases, the purchase of a G-Wiz is mainly to save money and not be stung by the usual running costs of driving, which in London can be financially crippling. The fact it doesn’t affect the environment too much, once the manufacturing of the batteries has been completed, is yet another reason why so many G-Wiz’s are seen on the roads of England’s capital city.

The standard equipment is relatively good especially as the electric car is so small in size. There are anti-roll bars, cloth seats, steel wheels, remote central locking, steel space frame with side impact beams and a leather steering wheel. There is a hill-holding feature, which is handy for hill-starts, and it’s fully automatic. Simply switch it on, press the accelerator and away you go. No messing around with sat-navs or changing gears.

Additional features include soft touch interior fabrics, a 12V socket, a rear fog light, a rear de-mister, a tool kit, a cup holder and anti-glare mirrors. There are options to build the spec online before you buy and there are second-hand G-Wizs for sale, too.

If you live in London and want to protect the environment and your bank account by not driving a combustion engine car, the G-Wiz is a great little electric car. It might not get you far out of London or any city, but it beats public transport and it’s light and nippy so it can squeeze between traffic easily. It’s a fun little eco car that is basic and cheap; it’s just a shame it looks like a roller boot!

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