May 052011

The iconic Gumball Rally 3000 kicks off this year on the 26th May from Covent Garden in London, and for the first time will include electric cars in its 120 car line-up. EcoForecourt, the online green car retailer, has entered some cars for the event to offset the environmentally-unfriendly supercars that usually are on the lavish event.

Gumball 3000 Goes Green

Gumball 3000 Goes Green

Rubbing shoulders with Ferrari Enzos, Porsche 911s, Lamborghinis and a whole mix of exotica, the green cars include a Liberty Range Rover, Peugeot EX1 and a Radical SR-0. Three-hundred participants take part in the rally each year in 120 cars, and have done for 12 years previously. This year sees the fun put into electric cars and instead of campaigners throwing negative remarks about the multi-millionaire entrants, they have something positive to talk about.

The EcoForecourt owner, James Walker, said: “The Gumball event shows that electric cars can be used in different situations other than city commuting. It’s much more of a way to associate green cars with being cool rather than having any stigma attached”. The CEO and founder of the Gumball 3000 Rally, Maximillion Cooper, said: “It’s great to have eco cars on the rally this year as it shows that it’s not all about V12s and V8s, although it is still nice to have plenty of those around, too”.

The Gumball 3000 Rally starts in London and ends up at a lavish party in Istanbul, Turkey. It will pass through France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Greece before finally ending up thousands of miles away in Turkey. On average, the fleet of cars that enter the rally will have a combined cost of around £10million. Many of which are race cars for the road, and as a result, the field will take a stop at the Monaco GP circuit, for the F1 Grand Prix.

Having a few electric cars on the field could entice a ‘tortoise and hare’ type race. The electric cars only have a limited range, but can plug-in and recharge their batteries in many places, while the supercars have to stop and fill up with fuel almost at every petrol station they pass. By teaming up with some of the most luxurious and iconic cars on sale today, the Gumball 3000 Rally will hopefully give electric cars a much needed boost in the way of street-cred and give motorists something to think about. Maximillion scoffed, “Who knows, in the next ten years, half of the entrants might have electric cars”, which would make for a much quieter rally, if anything.

Mega-celebrities enter, such as JK from the band Jamiroqui, who is renowned for his love for the fastest and most expensive cars available, and Britain’s Got Talent judge David Hasselhoff is also said to enter. The rest of the shortlist of entrants will be published closer to the start time, more for a safety precaution rather than anything, due to the amount of money that will be getting thrown around and many are high-profile celebrities.

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