Jun 022011

With the ‘green’ or eco cars movement over the past few years, most of the models that have been available were out of reach by the common buyer. Now that technologies have advanced, and the Euro board have demanded cleaner and more efficient cars, there are now many cars on the market which won’t break the bank and don’t look like a mad inventor’s workshop creation.

No. 1 – Smart ForTwo CDI
The first of our eco cars that cost less than £11,000 and dip under the 2015 benchmark figure of 100g/km is the Smart Fortwo Cdi. The comically small Smart has been around for around 10 years and still commands a great deal of the miniature car market. The new frugal, three-cylinder diesel whizzes quietly and provides a frankly unbelievable 85.6 mpg. It only emits 86g/km CO2, making it one of the most environmentally-friendly combustion-engined cars around and costs as little as £9,825.

No.2 – Fiat 500
The Fiat 500 has been a hit ever since the 50s and 60s when it was first sold, and now it has grown up a bit (a lot actually), and the Italian company has been chasing eco figures ever since. The new two-cylinder, motorcycle-derived Fiat 500 engine pumps out 95g/km CO2 and returns a healthy 68.9mpg. It costs £10,895 and is a real contender for an eco car that is also tonnes of fun to drive.

No.3 – Peugoet 207 Oxygo
Just creeping into the <100g/km mark is the Peugoet 207 Oxygo. It releases 98g/km CO2 and returns 74.3mpg and it looks just like any other 207 on the road, except it is more friendly to the environment. New 207 Oxygos cost £10,195.

No.4 – Smart Car
Toyota’s smallest car on the market is the funky-looking Smart car-baiter. It costs £10,445 and is the basis for the Aston Martin Cygnet (in an effort to lower the super car company’s average emissions output). It pumps out 99g/km CO2 and is one of the greenest non-electric cars that Toyota makes.

No.5 – Hyundai i10
Last but not least is the Hyundai i10 Blue. It costs £9,195, making it one of the cheapest eco cars for sale today. It dips under the 100g/km CO2 mark by one gram which adds it to the free road tax list. There are five doors and a frugal petrol engine that delivers 67.3mpg. It may not be the prettiest of cars when parked next to a 207 or a Toyota IQ, but in terms of value for money and money saving features, it certainly puts up a good fight.

When you’re looking for electric cars or eco cars, it’s best to weigh up the options that you have. There are funky-looking eco cars, frugal cars or simply cars that are incredibly cheap to run. With new legislation coming into effect every few months, it’s about time you stay ahead of the game when investing in a new car. If it’s going to cost you a small ransom just to drive around in a 4×4 or a sports car, then maybe it’s time you look at the smaller, city cars or fully-electric cars that are on sale.

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