Aug 282011

No not the guy who humps your golf clubs up the front nine and down the back nine while you carve a series of awful divots as the grounds keeper has a series of aneurysms, though to be honest even we admit that headline could easily lead to some confusion. We are in fact talking about a Cadillac car deployed in a manner that is less painful to dear Mother Earth than this traditional paragon of Detroit motoring excess has come to embody.

Yes, that’s right. We’re talking about General Motors’ flagship luxury brand rolling out in environmentally-friendly form. Listen, we’re not averse to minimising our carbon footprints and taking some responsibility for the effect our activities have on the planet but frankly, we’re shocked.

I mean – have you ever seen an Escalade? Hearing that GM is going to produce a green Cadillac when it still sells the 5.7-metre-long, three-tonne Escalade EXT is just a bit rich – as in 403-horsepower, 6.3-litre engine rich.

Green Cadillac from GM Motors * Electric Plug-in Car

Green Cadillac from GM Motors * Electric Plug-in Car

I mean, it’s not as if anybody is even using an Escalade to do any work, after all. The heaviest thing an Escalade might need to shift is a rapper’s gold teeth and medallion.

Then again, this is the same nation that once voted a hybrid version of a similar vehicle as Green Car of the Year. Seriously – we’re not joking.

Still, if Detroit can manage such a shift in mentality as to develop an eco-minded Caddy, perhaps there’s some promise for the human race after all? It’s just that, well, we really can’t see your average Motown pimp standing too proudly in his large pink fedora and gold-encrusted Cuban heels as he plugs his car into a wall socket.

Okay, so now that we got our rant out of the way, we best lay the crucial info on you, my brother. We are, after all, supposed to be spreading the green goodness, and we don’t mean tha Benjamins.

According to recently-released information from Cadillac itself, Detroit’s premiere producer of American luxury automotive goodness is to go ahead with a concept it calls an electric car. The beast in question is called the ELR and frankly, it’s a stunning piece of design.

The aggressive, sharp-creased, cab-forward design first made its appearance in public as the Converi concept. Unless things change, this is to be a hybrid that depends on all-electric drive to actually move down the road.

The ELR’s electric motivation will get its juice from a lithium-ion battery system produced in a T-shape and generating 16 kilowatt-hours of juice. That battery pack should be good for nearly 40 miles before the, ahem, four-cylinder (four cylinders in a Cadillac? Farizzle?) engine fires up, burning petrol to crank over a generator and provide more electricity.

Please forgive our cynicism, illustrated above with our example of the Escalade but even Cadillac seems to be packing an extra dollop of irony when they claim that petrol engine provides ‘hundreds’ of miles in additional driving range.

After all, what’s the point of having a green car that runs on plug-in battery power if you’re only going to trundle around all week long burning carbon fuels? Let’s hope that the boffins in Detroit figure this one out before the ELR rolls into showrooms.

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