May 132012

Reduce our impact on the Environment

Global warming is becoming an increasingly worrying problem. With earthquakes, extreme weather and volcanic activity on the rise, the evidence of climate change is becoming too much to ignore. As a result, public concern is growing and we are feeling more and more responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment.

Hybrid Cars Reduce Co2 Emissions

Hybrid Cars Reduce Co2 Emissions

There are many ways that we can be eco-friendly, from recycling to installing solar panels. However, CO2 emissions are undoubtedly one of the biggest contributors to global warming, so changing to a hybrid car could be one of the best things you could do.

Government Pressure on Car Manufacturers

Hybrid vehicles are nothing new, but only now are they becoming a popular choice for consumers. With government pressure encouraging car manufacturers to produce more environmentally-friendly vehicles, more models are becoming available. However, to most consumers, the idea of switching to hybrid is not easily swallowed. Hybrid cars are more expensive than traditional ones, and consumers may not have full confidence in the technology just yet. So, do the benefits outweigh these issues?

Hybrid Fuel Efficiency

The biggest draw of hybrid cars is their fuel efficiency. Hybrids are assisted by electric motors that help to provide extra power when needed and run the car on their own during low speed city driving. This means that they typically provide 20-25 per cent more miles to the gallon than traditional cars. This saves you money on petrol and reduces your emissions.
The development of hybrid technology has allowed for the conception of zero-emission vehicles such as plug-in electric cars. These vehicles produce no harmful emissions and are of course much more environmentally-friendly than cars with internal combustion engines.

Hybrid Car Tax

A hybrid car will not only save you money on running costs, but on road tax too. Road tax for hybrid vehicles can be only £30 a year. This is a government incentive to encourage the public to make the switch to hybrid. Some new car models produce such low emissions that they are exempt from road tax altogether, however. These include the Skoda Citigo, the Peugeot 208, the Hyundai i30 and the Toyota Aygo.

Hybrid Luxury

Unfortunately, hybrid cars seem to have the stigma of being unfashionable, when this is really not the case. Hybrid technology has been around for over 10 years and, during this time, many models have been developed by a range of different manufacturers. There’s even a luxury Lexus hybrid sedan model now available.

Hybrid becoming more attractive

New hybrid models are appearing with sleek and streamlined shapes, as their modern designs fall in line with the latest hybrid technology. This winning combination of style, fuel economy and cost-effectiveness is becoming more apparent to customers, making the idea of switching to a hybrid much more attractive.

Hybrid Toyota Prius

Hybrid Toyota Prius

When most people think of hybrid cars, the Toyota Prius springs to mind, as it’s currently the most successful hybrid out there. However, the range of hybrid vehicles on the market is growing substantially and consumers are now open to a world of choice. This means that going hybrid doesn’t have to mean sacrificing other features that you might want from your car.

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