May 152012

BMW ActiveE - Electric Car

BMW ActiveE - Electric Car

The managing director of BMW has said that the manufacturer’s introduction and development of eco-cars has been a big factor in the company’s success in Malaysia. Geoffrey Briscoe described how BMW’s pioneering of the eco-car market has been robust.  This is proven by sales figures as, according to Briscoe, those advanced diesel models now amount to 18 per cent and 20 per cent of the company’s total sales.

In a statement on 2 May, Briscoe said how BMW plans to produce more eco-friendly models, saying he will be building success with the BMW Active Hybrid and electric cars.

BMW is experiencing notable success in Malaysia and enjoyed consistently rising sales there during the first three months of 2012, with sales up by 16 per cent in the first quarter. By this time, the BMW group, which includes Mini and Motorrad, had delivered 1,516 vehicles in Malaysia alone.

Despite only breaking into Malaysia in 2003, BMW has already achieved status as the fastest-growing car manufacturer in the country, and sales have been rising consistently since the firm’s introduction there. BMW now has 15 dealerships operating in Malaysia, which have undoubtedly been imperative to the firm’s success.

Now that BMW has built a strong customer base in Malaysia, the manufacturer is looking to build on its success by using its BMW ConnectedDrive and BMW EfficcientDynamics strategies to introduce customers to new developments in green technology for economically-efficient cars.

The government is pushing green technology for vehicle manufacturers and has planned to reduce emissions by 40 per cent in the next eight years. However, both manufacturers and the government need to take further action to achieve this.

At present, incentives like reduced road tax are available for electric and hybrid cars, but not for diesel ones. If a similar scheme was introduced for diesel vehicles, consumers who are not ready to convert to a hybrid vehicle may be convinced to switch.

With rising success in Malaysia, BMW is confident that it can develop and grow, introducing more eco-cars into the market. Briscoe said that the firm’s ‘infrastructure, product and services portfolio’ demonstrates why it has become successful.

And BMW has every reason to be confident, as it has now established itself as the number one selling car manufacturer in the country.

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