Jun 142012

Worlds Best Performing Cars

Ferrari is known for making some of the world’s best high performance cars, the buyers of which have only two things on their mind, power and speed. It is now developing its most expensive model ever, and the auto industry will be surprised to find that it’s not a petrol-guzzling machine, but a hybrid eco-car. The Ferrari F70 will be released as the manufacturer’s first ever hybrid model while producing more horsepower than ever before.

Ferrari Hybrid Eco Car

Ferrari Hybrid Eco Car

F70 Hy-kers Hybrid Technology

The F70 uses the HY-KERS hybrid technology, which involves the use of two electric motors and a 12-cylinder engine and a two-clutch gearbox, providing 100 extra horsepower and an increased fuel economy of 40 per cent. Compared to other models of similar weight and specifications, the F70 provides an extra nine miles to the gallon.

Less than 100 SuperCars

This example should help to shake the stigma that hybrid cars have for lacking in performance, proving that a car can be eco-friendly and super powerful at the same time. There are currently less than 100 hybrid supercars out there, but as governments push auto-manufacturers to be more environmentally responsible, more are set to appear on the market. HIS Automotive predicts that the figure will shoot up to 2,100 in just three years’ time.

Porche Hybrid Super Car

Porche Hybrid Super Car

Porche Hybrid Super Car

Porsche has developed a few hybrid models and has announced plans to release a hybrid version of the highly successful Spyder in 2013. This model will feature two electric motors with a 500hp engine, giving a top speed of just under 200mph. Not bad for a hybrid!

BMW Plug-In Hybrid

BMW also plans to release a plug-in hybrid model in 2014, which is rumoured to achieve 100kms per hour in under five seconds. These cars are breaking the mould for hybrid models, proving that you don’t have to sacrifice performance for efficiency. Many more car manufacturers are looking to get onboard and release high performance hybrids of their own, and there are even rumours of a hybrid SUV coming from Bentley in the near future.

BMW Hybrid Super Car

BMW Hybrid Super Car

F70 Ferrari Purchase Price

The F70 is set to appear on the market at around £530,000, but the official price is yet to be confirmed. Only a limited number of these will be produced to begin with, and most of them are expected to be sold in the states. It is slated to be a successor of the Enzo model, which was released on a similar plan in 2002. For two years, only 400 Enzos were available, and now they are considered such a rarity that they sell for around USD$1 million.

High Performance and Efficiency

As a hybrid supercar, the F70 is expected to be a big seller, giving owners the luxury of having a powerful high-performance vehicle with impressive fuel-efficiency. It also shows that cars don’t actually need bigger engines to run faster, as the use of electric motors provides extra speed and power. This shows a turn in the market for the auto-industry, as even the luxury manufacturers are set to join in the switch to hybrids.

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